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    Re: Koren & Vikings - bad news

    Troy Williamson out produced him in fewer games if that answers your question.

    At the WR position of course........and this guy does not want to be a KR.

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    Re: Koren & Vikings - bad news

    "audioghost" wrote:
    I hope we re-sign him....we need him, he will be a huge factor in the future for some team....we'd be foolish to let him go. Out of all the free agents from our team, THIS is the one we NEED to don't just let a Pro Bowl caliber player go when you got cap room like the Vikes just don't!
    Yeah, we're a LOT weaker at WR than some people think we are.

    MRob is largely a situational red-zone receiver, Troy is a decent deep threat, but he's an iffy #2-level receiver at best (at least at this point in his career). I don't think that Burleson will ever be able to duplicate the season he had in 2004 when teams were focusing their coverage on Moss. Other than KRob, Taylor is the best of the bunch, a workhorse with good hands who could probably be a #1 receiver on a couple of teams but is better suited to the role of a possession receiver. That leaves us with three receivers other than KRob who could conceivably play on every down, only one of which has proven that he can be consistently good. In my opinion, that's not good enough for a WCO.

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    Re: Koren & Vikings - bad news

    I think we should keep K-Rob, work out a deal with him,but not some ungodly amount of money lol. Now with Birk coming back and D.C. returning and maybe beef up our o-line a little our O will click and then K-Rob will be able to show what he's worth. This of course is my personnal opinion.

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    Re: Koren & Vikings - bad news

    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "wyorob" wrote:
    Correction Family member of Robinson
    To make corrections just find the post that needs fixed and click this to edit:
    Yes sir drill sergeant Ultra! :wink:

    TNT it is great to have you back on! Hoping that you have not become a Bears fan now that you are living in Chicago.
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    Re: Koren & Vikings - bad news

    Who said DC is returning? I'm under the impression he won't be a Viking next year and even if he is he probably won't be able to start till the middle of the season. Who even know's if Birk can come back? He was supposed to be ready by preseason last year and we saw what happened there.

    I think KRob is our best WR right now. True he didn't do anything that spectatcular last year but he did the best under the circumstances. He is not worth that much money yet. He does have the potential but right now he's not. He can test the market if he'd like and if someone is willing to overpay him so be it. I would like the Vikes to keep him but not if it's going to be overpaying for what he's done.

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