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    Koren Robinson routed to a new role

    Published August 01, 2006 12:51 am

    The Minnesota Vikings are counting on Koren Robinson to be their No. 1 reciever this season.

    [size=18px]Robinson routed to a new role[/size]
    Receiver to go beyound returning kicks

    By Chris Jagerson
    The Free Press

    Entering his sixth season in the NFL and second with the Minnesota Vikings, Koren Robinson is still trying to prove his worthiness and find his place on the Vikings and in the league.

    Last season, Robinson came to the Vikings as a kickoff returner from the Seattle Seahawks and thrived in his new role. He led the NFC with a 26.0 return yard average, which earned him a berth in the pro bowl. This season, Robinson and the Vikings hope he thrives in another new role — as the No. 1 wide receiver entering training camp.

    “I’m going to have a big role, more than what I did last year,” Robinson said. “I’m feeling like I still have to improve. I’m a wide receiver at heart and do the kick returning, too. I feel like this is my opportunity to show everybody I’m still that fire at wideout. I still can play. I can play with the best of them at wideout. I feel like I’ve still a lot to prove.”

    A good way to start to prove himself as a wide receiver would be to return to form of years past. He notched career highs in catches (78), receiving yards (1,240) and touchdowns (5) in his second season in 2002. His numbers fell slightly the next season, and were nearly cut in half in 2004, his last year with the Seahawks, due to a limited number of games.

    In a limited receiving role last season, he flashed his play-making ability with an 80-yard touchdown pass against Detroit in Week 13.

    It’s that type of big play capability the Vikings missed early last season and hope Robinson will return to the field this season, except this time in a larger role.

    Robinson says the new offense is similar to the one he had some success with in Seattle.

    “It’s an offensive playbook that I ran in for four years in Seattle. I’ve got the offense down, just got to get the coaches down,” Robinson said. “It’s basically the same offense, just a different word here or there. Once you’ve been around the league like I’ve been through in two different offenses, it’s the same concept, different terminology.”

    When the Vikings signed Robinson last September, they knew they were signing a recovering alcoholic. So far Robinson has proved his doubters wrong and his signing has paid off.

    He’s proclaimed he’s kicked his alcohol addiction and all distractions from the past are gone.

    “There’s no distractions for me anywhere. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do to better myself ... I just had to take some time for myself to get right,” Robinson said. “I’m always mindful of situations to learn something to better myself. Those situations are always good.”

    Robinson enters this season as a veteran of the Vikings and as a player some of the younger receivers can look to for advice. And with the number of quality receivers in camp, he feels the position will be a strong point this season.

    “We have a lot of good wide receivers. I think we have everything across the board. We’re underrated, so we have to go out and prove ourselves,” Robinson said. “But there’s also pressure on the receiving corps, especially me and Troy (Williamson) being the star receivers.”

    Now Vikings fans can only hope he lives up to his expectations this season.

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    Robinson routed to a new role

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    Re: Koren Robinson routed to a new role

    He's saying all the right things.. Now he needs to back up his words.

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