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    Know what would be a miracle?

    If we blow out the Packers! :shock: Can it happen? Possibly if our defense comes to play like against the Titans game and Moss and Culpepper hooking up on long bombs. If it does happen, I would say "IT'S A MIRACLE!!!" :cheers:

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    Know what would be a miracle?

    Could be. WE had a miracle against the chefs last season blowing them out and the year before with a win vs the dolphins and ending their hopes for the playoffs. I dont see why it cant happen this week, tieing the series and ending the packers hope for division title come to an end and thus giving us the division.
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    Know what would be a miracle?

    I'm just glad I get to watch this game, I'm sick of only being able to watch the final two min's of their games.

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