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I think there's all too reasonable of a chance that we blow our first home game...especially if we're coming off of big margin wins on the road!
Wouldn't it just be typical Vikings fashion to get our hopes up and then swiftly dash them against the rocks!??!????

Hopefully not.
But, I think Singletary has the intensity to drive his team to play better than they are, and if we don't take them seriously, we might just lose a tough nosed, black n blue type of game in week 3.
He was the guy who layed the dang blueprint on how to beat us....even though, the outcome was lopsided in our favor.

And if the Vikings do add Favre, he usually doesn't fall apart until later in the season, just like the Vikings.
Its sad cuz its true.
How did Singletary lay the blueprint to beat us?
That durn corner/zone blitz thingy we still can't seem to handle was started by him the fourth to the last game of APs rookie year.

I know you guys like to assume that the Favre will fix all that all by himself, but Unfortunately, that kind of pressure has been used to force the Gambler into making bad bets that pay out the A too!
Oh, I'm sure we'll see some nice YAC from BB and PH when they get the ball in their hands, likely some real nice TDs!
I'm just a little afraid about how many might go the other way.

As Vikings fans, we've seen BF beat us a ton lately, but we have had success by keeping him running and scared in the past.
Singletary was only the linebackers coach though, not DC.
He wouldn't have set that scheme in place.