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    Kluwe says no to pink shoes

    Vikings: P Chris Kluwe says pink shoes are not for him

    Vikings: P Chris Kluwe says pink shoes are not for him - CBSSports

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    At least the articles does say that it's a performance issue, otherwise he'd look like a real jerk for not wearing them when everyone else is. They should have clarified, though, that he will be wearing the rest of the pink accessories just like everyone else. And they might also have checked with other kickers around the league rather than singling out Kluwe. This is CBS, after all, not some local news outfit.

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    The last bit:
    “I am using my punting shoes, because they don't make the brand of shoes that I use anymore,” said Kluwe. “They discontinued them about three years ago. So I have the four pair in my locker and that's it. Hopefully, they don't wear out before I am done punting.”
    I really hope nobody breaks into Cluwe's locker and steal all his shoes.

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    Who cares. He can wear what he wants to. He shouldn't have to explain his actions to any of us.
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