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even at his current weight he'd already shown he can take on DE one on one and most likely would be better than our former or current LT lol

i mean hes 20 lbs lighter than Johnson and he could probably handle Allen better than Johnson has in camp.

Id say Kleinsasser is probably technique wise better than half our O-line only person better would probabaly be Hutch.

and i dont count center since Klein would have to learn to much to be effective but plying wise probably better than Sully at this point

Loadholt if he improves might be over Klein was well but only if he improves from last year, though he does look trim for a 340+ guy not much of the belly that we came to see from Mckinne
Good stuff Del........Name fits with posts like that.

Anyways, do you think that he could make it through the season at T at the weight he has right now though? Center would worry me as well based on the shift away from ZB'ng were the Center gets alot of initial help off the snap before the G disengages for the next level.

It would be interesting to watch if they could make a small adjustment and have the G hold with the C (lighter/faster) disengaging first and going after the LB'r.

Anyway, I digress. Our good friend Bleed will read that and think I'm changing the scheme or something.

I think he is best served being used as a TE and what looks to be back at FB at times so that he can be moved based on what the defense shows pre-snap.

Again, good stuff.
he would probably need more spelling during games than youd like from a O-line man but i think he could hold up. I agree i personally prefer him out at TE or FB.
You bring up another good discussion point that doesn't get much play on here......

OL rotations. I wonder if we will ever see it in the league?