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Thread: Kicking Needs

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    Kicking Needs

    I say we draft nugent in the second,and for his first attempt.Boot reds ass thru the uprights from 30 yards..... :salute:
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Kicking Needs

    Steve Christie. Veterean Kicker. 3/4 over 50 last year outdoors. Have him work with Elling another year or just let him do everything.

    Never draft a kicker in the 2nd round. We should not have been in those situations if it werent for our Def or offense not scoring inside the 35 when Moss was out.

    Our offense should be good enough that we shouldnt have to kick 50 yard field goals. Looking at college kickers Nugent isnt even the #1 listed. His stats arent that good to waste a 2nd round pick on him. If we are going to do that, trade the 2nd round pick to Indy for James.

    Gramatica is out there also since Tampa cut him and he was a backup last year and he needs to work on accuracy but has the leg.

    Tice will probably stay with Elling.

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    Re: Kicking Needs

    why do so many people think that a kicker should always be pushed aside on our list!!! we need nuge desparetly!!!

    Go vikes!!

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