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Thread: Kick Returner

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    Re: Kick Returner

    "VikingsTw" wrote:

    Go to Taurean Henderson, RB Texas Tech. This guy has great hands, agility, accleration, and vision. Not that 4.4 type guy but he has the ability to make people miss, does real well in traffic. He would be a great kick returner.

    Gordon is a returner to with everything u look for, it will be good battle for the job.
    Yeah i agree, lets put Taurean Henderson back there. I think he would be a perfect fit, him and gordon should battle to be starting KR imo.

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    Re: Kick Returner

    leave koren, it worth the risk
    our only sure-handed receiver

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    Re: Kick Returner

    Let's wait and see in training will all be worked out there! I would personally like to see someone else besides Koren step up...that way we could always have him in reserve...or if we need a BIG play!

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    Re: Kick Returner

    "PurplePeopleEaters89" wrote:
    "petrodemos" wrote:
    Krob rules as a KR, like dante hall. hows he going to get hurt when scores all the time?

    i seriously hppe you are joking!!! Krob is cool and all but nobody can return kicks like hall!! I think they will put a rookie there, or maybe Williamson, he did it a little last season and i saw one real good run from him!!!

    Maybe you should watch more games, or pay closer attention.

    K-Rob had 7 returns for over 40 yards, but only 1 for a TD But he was very close a number of times to breaking it all the way. So how could he have only 1 good run?

    Dante Hall 2005 Kickoff returns stats

    24 yard average
    65 attempts
    1560 yards
    1 TD
    6 over 40 yards

    K-Rob 2005 Kickoff return stats

    26 yard average
    47 attempts
    1221 yards
    1 TD
    7 over 40 yards (had only 72% of the chances that Hall had)

    If Koren wants to continue returning kicks let him.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Kick Returner

    Korem. Why would you want anyone else?
    Much more dangerous as a receiver then a KR

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    Re: Kick Returner

    Taurean Henderson isent even going to make the team we dont need another RB the only people that are going to make the team are Hank Baskett and Charles Gordon

    we should get marcus vick

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    Re: Kick Returner

    I agree Krob is the best guy we have on the team for KR, but it would hurt to lose a starter because he was returning kicks. Then again he did make to pro bowl for KR so it would be dumb to basically take a pro bowler out of the special teams lineup.

    KR will be Krob.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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