"snowinapril" wrote:
"CCthebest" wrote:
Would love to see J Carter getting some quick slants (kinda like the Driver play last week). I think hes going to do well if given the chance. But I also think the first time Childress needs roster space, hes gone. He cleared waivers last time and im sure he would again.
I honestly don't know much about JC.

CCthebest, you better hope JC doesn't suck at the Pro level. You have been elevating him all season long. You have put your own head on the block. I hope you are right.

Acu, no my expectations of JC are that similar to the orig JC, the way he has been talked about, he better be the second coming (not "the" JC, but maybe CC)
My expectationare are not based in relative terms but based on all the edification that has gone on around this site in the past few months.
Some think he sits on the right hand of the father, Tarvaris.