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    Keyshawn and B. Williams

    Does anyone know if these two were fighting during the game. I hate the cowgirls almost as much as the packers and loved beating them bad sunday. I loved Keyshawn getting flipped during the game and then layed out a couple times. Williams went after him and i love that attitude. Meshawn got lippy with williams a couple times i believe but did anyone see anything else going on between the two?

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    Keyshawn and B. Williams

    There was a couple times when they were exchanging words. Between Moss and Newman and Keyshawn and Williams there was sure no love in this matchup. But Williams wins the day with those two hits he put on Keyshawn. The ESPN guys on Monday Night ranked those as one of their top 5 hits of the week. I think the top one was Feagles getting nailed.
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    Keyshawn and B. Williams

    Well from what i saw Meshawn caught a couple passes and got extreamly mouthy with Brian Williams, he was talkin mad shit to him and i think got pissed off. He laid him out on back to back plays and i never heard from him again. I like what Williams did it was great u dont let someone get in your face and let them get away with it. People can say this and that about his attitude, but F*&% that shit get back at him for talkin trash and he did.

    Thats why Brian Williams is my favorite player on the team, hes got heart hes active in the community, hes tough and he dont take lip from punks. It says alot about him to go out there and perform like he did with a knee injury.

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