C Mac D wrote:
VikingsFan661 wrote:
C Mac D wrote:
Start Tarvaris Jackson.
One of the stupidest posts I've ever seen. I'm no Tarvaris Jackson hater by any means at all, I actually think that if we didn't have Favre he should probably be the starter. Favre has proven this season on more than one occasion that he can lead our team and he gives us a way better chance to win. I'm not discrediting Jackson at all by saying any of this, I'm just saying that Favre has way more experience under his belt, and has helped our passing game tremendously as well as added a whole new dimension to our offense. Why then would we start Jackson?
15 posts and you're already calling me out? Lookout for this Guy!

It was a joke, by the way... but at least now I know you have no sense of humor.

But seriously, start T-Jack.
Guess I should have figured. :lol: