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Thread: Keys To Victory

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    Keys To Victory

    Ok. I started the "Cowboys Coming To Minny" post. And I look at it this morning and yes I was overly negative(I was drunk). Somewhat, Yes i do feel that way. Sometimes it does feel like this team is cursed and there is always going to be something that prevents us from winning a Super Bowl. But we can win this game. Lets get it on! Here are my keys to victory.

    1. Either 1 Special Teams or Defensive TD

    2. Damarcus Ware 2 sacks or less.

    3. Score points of 1st drive of the game.

    4. A very loud dome crowd. ( The crowd will play a huge factor in this game)

    5. Win the turnover battle.

    6. Pass first to set up the run. and avoid quick 3 and outs.

    7. At least 3 sacks by our defense.

    8. Chester Taylor at least 10 touches. (More in the recieving game)

    9. Hold Jason Witten under 7 catches and under 75 yards.

    10. Sidney Rice 2 plays over 35 yards.

    LETS GET IT DONE!!!! It does seem like a tough match up but if we win this game then we are going to the Super Bowl. Skol Vikes!!

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    I would like to add a very crucial dot to your list:

    We need to get a passrush that is consistent and that crunches the pocket and threatens Romo, that we have to do and its important we do that job with 4 guys, committing 5 or 6 people to get that pressure will leave our secondary one on one.

    Likewise the Oline needs to hold up, I would like to see some interior runninglanes, lanes I havent seen in quite some time. They are more than average in pass protection, but it seems the capability to runblock has been forgotten. And for Buddhas sake, commit a TE to Big Mac if he struggles. He is our weakest link and they will come after him.

    The trenches is where we will win this game, if we win that I dont care how many ST TD or D# TD or sacks we get or give.

    On flip side; in the secondary is there we will potentially loose this game.

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    For me, there is one key thing that has to happen, if it does, we kick the Cowboys A S S's...

    Coach Chilly needs to let Favre lose and play to WIN, wide open I'm saying.

    The rest of our team players will show up to win and play their hearts out, this I have no doubt about...

    Chilly just needs to help with keeping the boys fired up and taking care of good challenge calls. Favre can and will handle the rest.


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    Re:Keys To Victory

    1. Pass Rush:

    This is a tricky one. As we saw with the eagles game, when they started coming hard, they ran alot of draws and screens, especially that bubble screen. We need to get to Romo, but also watch for plays like that, which brings me to my next point.

    2. Get ahead early:
    This is a game we NEED to score early and often. we have to force them into passing situations, where they can't get us with screen and draw plays.

    3. Contain Romo:
    I don't mean keep him unded 300 yards, I mean keep him contained in the pocket. Dont let him weasel away and make a big play.

    4. blanket Austin:
    He's the one that worries me. In our cover 2, I can see him weaving around our safeties for the big score. We can't allow that. perhaps double him or play more man (not with winfield). We can't let him get in the open field, where he can really make us pay.

    5. contain Felix Jones:

    give him runs up th emiddle, but don't let him turn the corner. When he does, we don't have anyone on defense who can catch him.

    6. Pass Block
    This should be higher on the list, but I'm too lazy to go back: We need to keep Ware & Co. in check. put in Sauce as FB on every play, I don't care, we just can't let them get to Favre.

    7. Work Harvin:
    Their corners are fairly good. They can probably keep Berrian quiet, and give Rice problems, after that, I think Harvin can cause problems in the slot for them. Hit him and hit him often.

    8. don't give up on the run.
    We can't stop running the ball because they are slowing us down. We need to score often, but we can't become one dimensional. A good 50/50 ratio of runass needs to be maintained.

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    I don't think all those things need to happen. I have one key. We need to get at Romo. Our front 4 need to bring pressure and the crowd needs to be the loudest it has every been. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down all game long. We need to yell our heads off. I am taking 1000 milligrams before this one.

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    1. Get to Romo
    This O-Line is aging and Columbo is just getting back from injury so hopefully Ray can take advantage of that.

    2. Protect the Football (2 Hands AD, don't be afraid to go OB once in a while)
    AD has been covering the ball better since the incident a couple weeks ago. If we want to win, we need to limit turnover or else Dallas is gonna take advantage of them.

    3. Keep Favre on his feet
    Ware is gonna make some plays, whether they are sacks or not. If we can limit their pressure, it will pay off huge throughout the game.

    4. Contain Witten
    TEs are our kryptonite (even more so than WRs). Dallas has one of the best in the game which could spell trouble. He needs to be accounted for each play.

    5. Screen passes to beat the rush (PLEASE)
    Pressure is going to get through at points in the game, even if they aren't producing sacks. If pressure is consistently coming, I'd love to see some screen game to AD or Percy. Get the playmakers the ball.

    6. Have deep safety support vs. Austin
    Austin has speed and Winfield is still feeling some effect of his injury. On passing downs it is key that we have support over the top if he gets beat.

    7. Work Harvin in the slot
    I think of Harvin as a Welker type with more big-play making ability. Welker may know how to operate the slot better as of now, but if Harvin has the ball in his hands, he is one of the most explosive players in the league.

    8. No Punt Return issues this week (what was up with Reynaud?)
    Kind of worries me after seeing Reynaud muff a couple last week. Could be something to keep an eye on.

    9. Don't abandon the run
    Even if our passing game is successful, we should continue to run. I'd like us to control the clock in this game and limit the amount of touches we give Romo.

    10. Let Favre work his magic
    Apparently Chilly doesn't realize it but Favre knows much more about the game than he does. Give Favre the opportunity to modify plays at the line. You don't have to let the media know that Favre took over, but tone down your ego and let Favre operate.
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    The only way you are going to make this game more appealing to the public than it was before is if there are on field orgies at halftime and the domes become massive opium dens."

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    my key to victory is ad going back to running like he did in his 1st 2 years of the nfl if he runs like that we will win the superbowl this year no questions asked

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    1) Put Ced man to man on Austin with safety help at least some of the time. Winnie can cover Roy. Both of our Corners are solid tacklers and can stop the bubble screens but that is point 2.

    2) TACKLE! What makes bubbles screens and draws work best? Missed tackles. There's generally one guy who has a shot to blow the thing up cold, loss of yards... we need that guy to make the play. Don't get beat with big plays from missed tackles, make them earn every yard the hard way.

    3) Keep Romo in the pocket. He's a lot like Big Ben, it seems his best plays are when he creates time moving out of the pocket. Pin him in, make him nervous, shut him down.

    4) Don't leave Brinkley to cover Witten, especially in the red zone... shift responsibility to Leber or Greenway to cover Witten based on which side of the formation he lines up (or better yet, Sapp).

    5) O-Line play has to be solid even if it takes 6 or 7 guys to do it.

    I'm not terribly worried about our offense... I think in the last 6 quarters of the season we started to find our identity. The Cowboys D has been playing lights out, but I am much more confident in our team on that side of the ball. Our D is going to have to play smart, play with heart, and play fundamentally sound football to win in the playoffs against a team that deserves to be there.
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    Re:Keys To Victory

    marstc09 wrote:
    I don't think all those things need to happen. I have one key. We need to get at Romo. Our front 4 need to bring pressure and the crowd needs to be the loudest it has every been. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down all game long. We need to yell our heads off. I am taking 1000 milligrams before this one.
    For the first time in my life I will be there to ADD to the crowd noise as a Viking fan. I will make sure the area I am in follows suite. My 7th Viking game but 1st home game.

    One question - Do I need snow boots? LOL. I'm not looking forward to the cold but it will be well worth it for me. I want an enjoyable plane ride home Monday morning. I will do everything I can to fire the Vikings and the crowd beside me up. Anyone else have seats in section 117?

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    Re:Keys To Victory

    Don't know if I can be brief, but I'll try...

    #1 Zero turnovers
    #2 Win field position battle - this also means ST coverage must tackle quick and well-make Dallas drive 70+ yds
    #3 Don't overplay pass rush to limit big runs - Felix Jones has me a bit worried
    #4 Account for Witten at all times
    #5 Keep Favre upright

    #1 may be the most important. Before the playoff game vs Philly, the Cowboys hadn't scored more than 24 points in their previous eight games. The Vikings haven't scored less than 27 points in any home game this year. If the Vikings can hold the Cowboys to 24 points (hopefully more like 21), they have a great shot at winning this game. You can't give them easy scores via benefit of turnovers (which also potentially takes points away from the Vikings that they might have scored). The Carolina game was the only game this season where the Vikings offense put up fewer than 17 points.

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