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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    Talk about getting snubbed-Winfield deserved it soooooooo bad.
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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    I hate it now that Pat got snubber again!!

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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    All right!! That's awesome! The low sack total must have kept PDub out of both the pro bowl and the all pro team! At least one of them made both! Way to go Kdub!

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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    "patistheman" wrote:
    Sorry if this has been posted already but i didnt see it anywhere.
    Kevin Williams was named to the Associated Press NFL All-Pro Team.
    Good for him!

    However I believe his teamate Pat Williams deserves it more than he does.
    Kevin finished with 36 total tackles 28 solo and 8 assisted and 5 sacks.
    Pat finished with 44 total tackles, 37 solo and 7 assisted and 1 sack.

    Don't get me wrong I love Kevin Williams, but where is the love for Pat,
    where would our run D be without Pat Williams, I hate to even think about it.

    They don't choose two players at the same position

    Pat Williams and Jamal Williams = nose tackle
    Kevin Williams = under tackle

    I doubt sacks had anything to do with Jamal making it on here and the AP all pro list is something I hold in a higher regard then the Pro Bowl because it looks much less like a popularity contest and it is the best players in the NFL not just the conference.
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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    Kevin Williams is the best player on this team and he deserves the recognition.
    My opinion hasn't changed since the day they drafted him...baring injury, I think he could find his way to the HOF!
    That's right, the Hall of Fame.
    The "man-child" from Oklahoma State dominated my 'Huskers in college, and demands, demands double teams.
    With all due respect to a fellow Big 12er, Pat Williams, Kevin demaded double teams prior to his addition.
    Don't kid yourself, Pat will tell you he also benefits from Kevin being next to him.
    He is widely recognized as a top player in the League by the players and coaches.
    The two are a formidable force in the middle.
    Give us a playmaking MLB and the sky is the limit!

    My other favorite current Viking, Antoine Winfield, will get there someday...I hope.

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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    regardless of whether or not he deserved it, i dont understand why ppl are surprised pat didn't make all-pro. if he didn't make it to the nfc pro bowl roster, then he's certainly not going to make it on the more exclusive, more selective all-pro roster, same goes for winfield :

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    Re: Kevin Williams named to All Pro team!!

    [size=12pt]Williams named All-Pro[/size]

    Defensive tackle Kevin Williams was named to the Associated Press' first-team All-Pro squad for the second time in three seasons. Williams also was an All-Pro in 2004.

    Williams, one of three Vikings elected to the Pro Bowl, received 22 ½ of 50 possible votes, second only to San Diego's Jamal Williams (31). Vikings nose tackle Pat Williams received five votes, good for sixth among defensive tackles.

    Vikings offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson made the second team, receiving 18 votes. Center Matt Birk and cornerback Antoine Winfield each received one vote.


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