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Thread: Keeping B Will

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    i like the ideo of keeping him as SS. I dont know if we will resign chavous. Maybe we will go after a big SS in FA. But i really doubt we will re-sign Williams. We have Brown and Devonte developing really good and i think Gallishaw will be something good too. We might even let Offord start next year as well. But who knows, we will find out in 3 months

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    We are so deep in our secondary and we have a chance to keep them all, maybe only letting Williams go. I say resign all of them and return the exact players to their positions this year. They have had a year to gel and the scheme if anything was what held them back from being magnificent.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    if bwill will play for less money than chavous and do just as good as a job, id say do it. but i would rather keep both for some depth. you know how we love to get hurt
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    Re: Keeping B Will

    I say try to keep them all & let our money managers work their magic!

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    I think it will come down to what BW wants...

    He had a solid year, and could be a starter for many a NFL teams out there..

    I think he is going to handed many a offers, and he will pack his bags and talent and be playing elsewhere in 2006...

    I hate to see him go though, but thats free agency boys and girls....


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    Re: Keeping B Will

    We have to keep him! And we are well under the cap and should be able to.
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    Re: Keeping B Will

    I think he was hurt when the Vikings Overpaid Smoot who has been a huge dissapointment. The thing is, he isn't having an outstanding season, he is having the same season that he has had every year since he has been with us.

    I have no idea why people are just noticing him. Perhaps it is because Smoot is so obviously over rated.

    I think Brian Williams will say screw the Vikings and land a job somewhere else. Unless some people from high up do some serious ass kissing he will be gone.

    He doesn't go on boat cruises, he doesn't run his mouth non stop, he shows up straps the pads on and gets down to buisiness. He will have some very good offers this year.

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    I've said this on a few other posts, but I cant find it to quote so Ill say it again.

    I think we should trade Smoot to the Rams for their pick. With that pick we take Jimmy Williams, a CB out of Virginia Tech, he is a former safety who is also projected to play safety in the NFL. He's 6'3 215 and could easily put on more weight to play the Strong Safety position, even though Chavous only weighs 206.He runs a 4.4 so he won't have any trouble in coverage, this kid is gonna be a stud... So we draft him and have a great safety tandem, one who likes to lay down the big hit, and the other a ballhawk.

    Then with our other pick, as of right now I think we're picking 16th, I think we should take either a lineman, or the best player available, we can really go anywhere with this pick.

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    I am very happy with B-Will this year and I do think we should keep him.

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    Re: Keeping B Will

    Here is my view on the subject: I highly doubt we sign b williams to a big free agent contract to compeat for the number two spot. that would make us pay a ton of money for a number three corner. I think the vikings should evaulate him at corner, to replace chavous. If he cannot play the position we let him go.

    on kinda a side note, we are not that much under the cap. On september 1st, we were only 4.3 mil under teh cap, which is preatty avearage with the other teams. That said, there is no way we could resign b williams, chavous, then sign guys like alexander, and others that some people want. It is just not possible. here is the link to the salery caps:
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