"ultravikingfan" wrote:
Hope you are keeping your head down and your rifle pointed down range!

Udeze is looking good.
I think this will be a telling year for him.
The DE's seem to be getting some good pressure off the corners.

Greenway is doing a good job as well.
I see no signs of hesitation from him.
Pass coverage...well...that need a little tweak.

Be safe my brother and keep fighting the good fight!

Hey hey!
101, eh?
Good stuff, man.

You guys notice that our team can never have the complete package?
Either the offense or the defense is phenominal, but whenever that happens, the other side of the ball is terrible.
Why can't we have both be good?

The killer part for me is that I think we could be, we just need one or two players on offense to make it happen.
A play maker at quarterback and a receiver or tight end.
Imagine how much a Gates would help this offense.
Or a Steve Smith.