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    Kalil faces weighty issues

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    This is what worries me long term:

    "I don't think naturally that I'm meant to be 310 pounds," Kalil said. ''If I wasn't playing football, I'd weigh 240, 250. But gaining weight, putting it on the healthy way has been something I've done my whole career."

    Is he really going to be able to keep that weight on and in the right places over a long career and what price will his body and health pay in the long run if he can?

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    Thanks for the article. Nice to hear something from our star left tackle. I'm so happy we got him. And I'm not concerned about his weight at all. He only got 12 percent body fat. That's super-impressive for an offensive tackle.

    Matt Kalil:
    I'm going to change how left tackles look in the NFL, My lean build is going to create more left tackles who want to be like me. They'll want to have this basketball build so that they can mirror these fast defensive ends.
    I believe he makes some sense. We have definitely seen a development in bigger offensive tackles, but we might have exaggerated the development a bit today. I like his current weight, hope he stays there. Obviously it works very well for him... and the Vikings. Not the same can be said for the defensive ends trying to get past him. I think Kalil has not allowed a single sack so far in his NFL career.


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