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    K Will a Pro Bowl Starter

    This may have been posted. But, I just saw the Pro Bwol starters during half time of the Jets/Chargers game. Congrats K Will! Well deserving of the honor. I am a little upset that McNabb is the starting QB and not Daunte. I guess if the Vik's record was better he would be the starter. What or who decides who is a starter?

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    K Will a Pro Bowl Starter

    yep, its ben posted. but who cares? its been post mania in here. lol. i am so glad to see there are so many vikes fans all over the world. kevin williams is the first all pro since john randle '98. PROPS!!!!
    what kind of whacky crap decides who is in and who is out. i for one wouldnt care if daunte didnt even play. he should come up with one of those lame-o injuries players come down with.
    what they should really do is pay the winning players a ton of money for the win. that would make the game a lot more interesting. like a half a mill. lol, i bet a bunch of players would go then. it would be entertaining then for sure.

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    K Will a Pro Bowl Starter

    He should be. He's one of the best young DT's in he game right now.

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    K Will a Pro Bowl Starter

    He's been the most dominant DT in the NFC this one else has really came close. Griffin of the Redskins was real good, but not dominant.

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    K Will a Pro Bowl Starter

    That s OKKKKK perhaps he will be a man ONE MAN wrercking crew who leadsd us to the BOWL!
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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