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Thread: K rob live

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    K rob live

    with in the half hour k robs gonna speak about tices firing

    on espnews

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    Re: K rob live

    thats neat

    once someone finds a link can you post it please?

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: K rob live

    saying that 2-5 start and boat doomed tice. no link , on tv

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    Re: K rob live

    I got to see the end of it. He talked about the "boat" thing and said it was poor judgement. Was very happy to be going to the pro-bowl and not surprised that Seattle got the top seed. Said Tice's fate was sealed with early losses and the team didn't come together for him until it was too late.
    What did I miss?
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    Re: K rob live

    "fourdoorchevelle" wrote:
    saying that 2-5 start and boat doomed tice. no link , on tv
    I just caught the tail end of it where he was asked about the seahawks and the probowl.

    What did he say about the Vikes?

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    Re: K rob live

    He didn't ask the question we all want to know. Does he plan on re-signing with the Vikes? Who cares about the boat crap.

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    Re: K rob live

    all brian kenny asked about was the boat , and at the end to switch it up he asked about what happened in seattle.

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    Re: K rob live

    well using tivo i shall now quote interview:

    BK : "how are u doing first of all , after all you've been through , what are ur thoughts now that its done? atleast this season is done"

    KR:"ahhh , u know u donn't want to take any thing for granted , i would love to be in the playoffs right now , but as far personally i felt like i had a great season coming back from what i went through ,this um ya know this offseason , but the season was up and down, u know we let some games slip away , we ah ,we ah , hit a streak in there 6 - 0 for a couple of weeks . we felt pretty good . didn't do what we needed to do against pitts and balt .and ah it knocked us outta playoff contention but all in all we can take some things awy from this season and ah u gotta take that and move forward"

    BK:"what are ur thoughts on ,mike tice loosing his job?"

    KR:" ahh man! that was my guy. u know i felt like me and coach tice hada good relationship. it was actually real emotional for me because he believed in me , he was the one who went outta his way to contact me and bring me into the org. and i , ya know , i appreciate that and ya know ,i'm thankful for that and just to see him gone ya know is really hard"

    BK: " what do u think should of been done? koren if your sitting up stairs in the suit and your thinking what's best for this org , what should we do ? what would you do?"

    KR : "um , i'm not sure . i'm not a ya know , i'm just a player , i'm not the owner of the team, ah ya know owners....."

    BK: " but if they asked you if they said alright look koren , ur a big part of this team what ur recomendation? what would you say?"

    KR :" i woulda said keep coach tice that's how i felt . i felt like he got a bad rep at the begining of the seasson went 2-5 and the boat incident , i feel like some of that had mostly . i feel that was most of the reason hes gone he's is not with us today "

    BK : " because of the boat incedent?"

    KR : " i feel like the boat incedent and also us being 2-5. but i feel like zygi , the ownership group also wanted to go another way"

    BK : " ur right in that it seemed like it was sealed at that point . did you feel like after that all the bad publicity coming out , because of the boat thing and your record that there was anything mike could do to save his job?"

    KR : " i really do because i feel if we could have made it to the playoffs or gave our selves a better chance , to make it to the playoff before the last 2 weeks or before the last 3 weeks or even if we did play chicago the last sunday of the season and beat um and wind up in ya know the playoffs i felt like coach tice would still be around. but i know that the 2-5 start wasn't all his fault sometimes coaches get blamed for players not putting their best foot forward"

    BK : " u know there was a report out or rumor or something that had come out at one point during the season that he'd actually challenged any body in the room if they wanted to fight , did that happen ?"

    KR : " i can't even really remember if he said that or not, i think that might have been last year but ya know coach tice is that type of guy we love him to , i love to death and he's a players coach"

    BK : " did he still have the room koren? "

    KR : " did he still have the room?"

    BK : " i mean did he still have control of the room and the players?"

    KR : "oh yes he did , he did , we respect him, we respect him , he's a players coach and he respected us and we respected him"

    BK : " what the talk in the locker room about the boat thing? the boat case?"

    KR : " ah that's nothing man i feel like everybody else blew it outta perportion, but it is what it is . ppl tring to charge us and doing the whole 9 yards, but it really didn't effect us in the locker room "

    BK : " did ah the effect of the reaction effect the locker room at all?"

    KR : " it did , we was pretty much suprised about how it was every where , news , the media . ya know and we really didn't think nothing of it. we really didn't feel like some of the players did any thing wrong . but i feel like every thing will come out in the end"

    BK : "did you feel when the reporters were coming at that point did you come out and say look i wasn't on the boat or players said i wasn't on the boat , or other guys saying i don't want to talk about it .what did u , how did u deal with that personally?"

    KR : " i didn't really want to talk about it then , ya know ah , my name had got mentioned in it . and ya know with everything that i've been through i didn't want my name to be mentioned in none of that , which when it wasn't true, but certain players were like they weren't on the boat , ya know some players declinded to talk about it. and that was our focus u know stick together , don't really say anything about it . the truth will come out in the end"

    BK : "where do u stand between those who would say that's bad judgement or those that would say look it's their personal business ? what do u think of that? and then we'll get to other things , but where do u stand on that?"

    KR : " i fell like it's a little bit of both , bad judgment and personal. because if some certain things didn't happen we wouldn't be talking about it right now , at the same time were all perfessional athletes and we do have to handle ourselves as a pro "

    then they go on to talk about seahawks.

    quoted from espnews

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