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Thread: Just wait...

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    Just wait...

    So another Vikings season has come and gone. Granted, we didn't finish quite where most of us expected. Nevertheless, we've got a lot to be happy about. We were dead in the water, seemingly destined for a Packerian finish this year. However, that was not our fate. Our boys in purple looked the world in the face and promptly backhanded them with extreme prejudice. I for one didn't expect to finish with a winning record this year after the way we started. Shame on me. Shame on all of us who lost faith. And while I will never be satisfied with mediocrity, I for one am proud of the Vikings this year.

    And then there is, of course, next year. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? There are 32 teams in this league, and I feel bad for 31 of them. Because next year, not one of them has a snowball's chance in hell. My Vikings are going to fix the leaks, re-tool where needed, and deliver upon this league a beatdown so severe, even Gilbert Brown will have a hard time swallowing it. You think my Vikings defense picked up in the 2nd half this year? Just wait til next year, when even Brett Favre starts faking injuries to stay off the field against them. And there's my offense, who will enjoy the return of my beloved quarterback. Not that Brad Johnson couldn't wreak havoc upon this league if need be. However, I gots to get my roll on, and only Mr. Culpepper can do that for me.

    It's a shame really. 31 teams all playing for 2nd place. It has to be disheartening. However, it simply cannot be helped. To the rest of the NFL, I offer the following warning: Lock your doors. Secure your valuables. Hide your women and children. The Norsemen are coming in 2006, and there is not a thing you can do about it.

    251 days til kickoff. Here comes the pain.

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    Re: Just wait...

    I agree with you 100% We are only a few holes away from being totally dominant! Cant wait till the 06 season!!!

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    Re: Just wait...

    That's right.. I am not ashamed to wear my vikings gear outside the house!!! I will even wear it in the playoffs, a silent protest to the larsony that kept them out of the playoffs (urgh you 7 teams that beat us)...

    Next year I look forward to help making the bears a one hit wonder.. Helping favre end his career with 5 straight vikings losses (playoff game, 2 this year, and two next)... and the lions.. well.. yea. anyways

    I have a lot of optimism.. Let's sure up the LB in a few places.. and Lock up the shoddy oline, and we're gold.. let's hope we had as good of an offseason as we did last year.. (well, minus the 'incidents')
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Just wait...


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