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    Re: Just a thought...

    "ragz" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    There is the ole Big Bad Ragz we used to see alot of.

    Glad to see your back in fine form. ;D

    As to the Brohm/TJ arguement.

    Schutz, are you saying that Brohm is more NFL ready than Quinn?
    Not trying to put words in your mouth here but he would have to be if one were to agree with your points as we all know that Quinn couldn't beat out Charlie Frye or DA for a starting job and is still riding the pine.

    Regardless, I hope to pooh Brohm could come in and play at least to the level TJ did last year.
    He should based on his collegiate career and scheme they ran, but to think that he could come in and run this offense at least to the level TJ will this year is kindof thinking a bit out of the box.

    Not trying to say anything bad about the kid but he hasn't had 2 years of NFL coaching as well as 2 years of off season reps and 14 games of actual time under a NFL center playing at the NFL level.

    To think he could come in and produce better than TJ this year is stretching it a bit especially when he is projected by most scouts/Draft Guru's to go late in the first, early in the second.

    that's all i've been saying for christ sakes.
    it seems like anytime you are sarcastic or refer to a theory as idiotic people take it so personal.
    if we are all gonna get so sensative about opinions, then here is my opinion.
    there's two circles.
    the first circle is full of football fans that understand the majority of nfl qbs are not created overnight, or over one year, and in most times not for 2-3 years.
    so when a young qb makes mistakes you expect them to an extent and then base all other opinions off of the positives you do see.

    the 2nd circle thinks basically any qb, especially one that played at any of the bcs schools, is automatically a better option than tjack, and will not look anything like tjack, cuz they are superior young qbs who will excel right off the bat.
    or maybe it's just that they will be willing to be more patient with them cuz they played at a big school.
    or some other "Challenged Hillbilly Lover'd" theory.

    i dont mind opinions, trust me i got alot of em, i just dont like brash judgements being made based on little fact.
    i also understand that when i put my opinion on the line i am ready for people to disagree with it and not be upset everytime someone makes a better point than me.
    okay maybe not getting upset isn't totally true cuz i'll keep on fighting over it, but calling an argument moronic isn't that bad, lighten up.
    plus i was referring to alot of ppoers.
    i can't help it if a section of you guys are regularly wrong
    I was wrong once.
    I thought I made a mistake but then found out that I was right to begin with, so you can't lump me in with that crowd.

    i also understand that when i put my opinion on the line i am ready for people to disagree with it and not be upset everytime someone makes a better point than me.
    The good thing about this site is that we do have some people with thin skins but over all, the majority of posters on here like to debate and don't seem to get all fired upset when the debates get rolling hot and heavy.

    Good stuff my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Just a thought...

    Yes being a slick willy and insulting everybody who disagrees with you is obviously the way everybody should operate around here................

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    Re: Just a thought...

    "Texanvike" wrote:
    What is wrong with the wait and see argument?
    How often do first year staring quarterbacks play well?
    Very rarely.
    Most of them play terribly.
    Leave it to a "rookie" poster to pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    I love the short and sweet approach.
    I would just like to expand on that mind set a little and point out the missed opportunities placed solely on our inept receivers.
    Please tell me that some of my fellow posters saw at least a couple of game or momentum changing drops.
    I feel that those could certainly have affected Tavaris in a positive way had particular receivers come down with the ball.
    Just a thought. ;D

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