"snowinapril" wrote:
"vikingstw" wrote:
Yeah i couldn't figure out what al harris was doing, just didnt make any sense. What was he proving? Where was it gonna get him? I'm sure all it did was piss TO off, I once heard a great WR say that CB talk sh*t to bring up their own confidence level, it didnt work today.

As far as Barnett i can understand his intensity a little he made those plays so he can do whatever he wants, Harris who i have never liked just ran his mouth to do it.
I heard C.C.#80 say that in the In their Own Words show.

Side Note Farves streak comes to an end. Consecutive games with a TD since Oct 2002.

Favre couldn't care less about his records. Al Harris and everybody else were just frustrated, very, very frustated. Why they did what they did? I don't know, seems kind of pointless, we don't know what they were saying though, now do we?