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    Just for a Laugh

    "DemonicViking" wrote:
    Ahhh, a little trash talk again with it being far off from the regular season.

    Another favorite Moss moment would be when Randy was reminding a GB fan what the score was.. look at the scoreboard m'fer.. look at the score.

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    Just for a Laugh

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    And, not an ounce of disrespect intended, we've been hearing the "dethroning" talk for the last three seasons.

    Indeed, you may do it this year. As they say, everyone is undefeated and no one is mathematically eliminated. Yet.

    I've said it for years. The primary thing stopping you guys have been yourselves. Primarily, Tice and Moss. You've ejected one of your cancers, and if you eject the other, I'll be very, very nervous.

    But, Tice has a way to turn a sure thing into a flame-out. As long as you have him, we have a chance.
    I gotta agree with Los here. We were saying how awesome our D would be two years ago after signing DENARD WALKER (what were we smoking), and again last year because of antoine winfield. I think we all know how our defense played as a whole the past two years.

    WE did get a host of quality players but they still have to fit our system and produce on the field, and all of that remains to be seen.

    That being said I believe that our team has alot more potential this year than it has since 98, and the Packers look worse this year than I can ever remember.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Just for a Laugh

    you just ruined my vikings high.

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