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    Just because He's not around

    Does not mean you have to quit blaming Brad for this crappy display of football... this awful feeling I have in my gut is still the result of Brad Childress Lack of leadership, his incompentence is why the vikings are in the state they are in

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    Re: Just because He's not around

    No, this is Chiller's team. And they're still using Chiller's scheme. The lack of ability is ALL a result of the fantastic job Chiller did in acquiring players. And this is most evident at the QB position, the O-Line, and the Secondary.

    Despite his being gone, it will take us a couple YEARS to dig ourselves out of the hole he put us into.

    Remember that interview he gave after being fired, when he said he left the franchise in a better position than when he got here? I'm thinking, "No, not so much".


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