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    if we're talking about comparing what whinny does and what JR is doing. there is one aspect of both their games that I believe Whinny is going to help JR with.

    both have something to prove.

    whinny is probably the smallest packaged player in his position across the nfl.. but is HUGELY respected for his physical play, and knowledge of the game. though i've never read anyone comment on.. "we never throw there because whinny is there" i do remember reading a few rb's mention.. "you don't see him until he hits you.. then you never forget it." i'll have to look that up.. but it's one of Dad's fav quotes.

    JR is a rookie with HolyShite speed, from a smaller uni, and drastically under rated for where he is today as far as game knowledge and physical play.

    they both go out with what i hope is a chip on their shoulder to prove not only do they belong, but they CAN and WILL make impact plays. Whinny have never given up, he's been in the league longer then I bet anyone would have thought, and is still making a difference. If JR takes anything from Whinny (besides some of his knowedge) i would hope it would be this. never give up, keep pushing, and prove week in and week out that you belong in the NFL.

    other then that.. 2 different cats..


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    Winfield has never been known as a shutdown corner...but he is what he is, which is an outstanding football player. He is a complete, not elite in pass coverage but I still rarely see him get beat deep, limits YAC, is a sure and willing tackler. Deion Sanders was a HOF cover corner, but wasn't worth a damn if he had to tackle someone. Just players with different styles. FWIW, I still think QBs generally avoid throwing Winfield's direction as we've usually had weaker links in the secondary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digital420 View Post

    whinny is probably the smallest packaged player in his position across the nfl..
    Winfield is 5'9'

    He may be the shortest now, but Allen Rossum was shorter in the 12 years he played. He was 5'8".

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