Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles lead combine's top quarterbacks -

Some things that jumped out at me about these QBs:

McCarron didn't do the Senior Bowl, and might not throw at the combine. What this says to me is the only way he can change minds in these situations is for the worst. This definitely does not help him, unless he does have holes in his game. Then its a "Better to stay quiet and look stupid, than open it and remove all doubt." sort of decision.

Bortles might just come out of the combine surpassing both Bridgewater and Manziel. I get the feeling a LOT of people might not have him their #1, but they definitely have him at LEAST #2.

Manziel's vert jump WILL be a factor. Drew Brees hit 32 inches, higher than both Stafford and Dalton. Russel Wilson hit 34... the ability to add this to a "short" QB, even if it doesn't translate well on the field, will be a factor. Just an opinion, but I feel good about it.

The 3-cone drill seems meaningless to me in regards to "great" QBs.