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Thread: Johnny Football

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    Quote Originally Posted by skum View Post
    You can proberly nit-pick small stuff from pretty much everybody, but who does these plays remind you of?

    From Bridgewater and down to everyone else there is a massive gap..

    I don't want Mariotta at this point, he is very raw at this point, does not step into throws and does not step up in the pocket, he also does not move his foot at all when he is in the pocket, plus every snap he takes in a shotgun snap, which would take Adrian out of the game. He does however possess a massive arm and does make good plays with his feet, but can he translate that to the NFL?, not many has.

    Manziel has off-field concerns and also might struggle with physique has he is only 5'11, some also has concerns about his arm strength.
    I have a bad feeling about Bridgewater and Johnny football. If I had to draft a QB right now, this minute I would select Blake Bortles out of UCF. He has a great arm and can make all the throws but what I like about this kid is if you watch him he has the touch. I watched him drop a pass over the head of the LB and right into his WR arms in the end zone against Louisville that was just a perfect pass. I will be watching him closely at the combine but he is the leader in my mind.

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    I'll say it again, the Mannion kid at Oregon State has a great arm, and has gotten miraculous wins when the team stunk up the field for half the game. Here is a write up on the loss to Stanford, but I think the writer might not have considered the fact that the coaches did not want to challenge Stanford with the long ball, and Mannion didn't have a say.

    NFL Draft Notes -- Oregon State's Sean Mannion fails to deliver -

    What impressed me the most was in the 3 games I have seen him in, he was on the money in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. He was GOLD.

    Do I want the Vikings to get him, probably not. But right now, we are just discussing possibilities, right?
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    Oh god no, not future NFL bust Manziel. The dude panics, takes off too early, holds the ball out like a loaf of bread, and when he does throw, he just throws it up for grabs and Evans usually wins the jump ball. That backyard clown show isn't going to work vs NFL defenses. If anything we need to draft that Evans kid, he catches anything thrown in his vicinity. I'd rather see us draft AJ McCarron, he looks like a solid pocket passer.

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    How about Brett Hundley? To me, he sounds like he may be the most NFL-ready QB of the bunch. I think we should consider him, as it sounds like he could be most ready from Day 1 of the 2014 season. Thoughts, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikesrgreat2 View Post
    How about Brett Hundley? To me, he sounds like he may be the most NFL-ready QB of the bunch. I think we should consider him, as it sounds like he could be most ready from Day 1 of the 2014 season. Thoughts, anyone?
    I disagree, he also lacks a lot. I think he will be another guy that will be overdrafted because he is a QB. There are many of these dual-threat QBs in this years draft and i have a hard time seing those types of players succeeding in the NFL. They all get shut down vs the speed of NFL defenses. Can they evolve a passing game frorm the pocket, that is the question.

    Bridgewater is the most NFL ready QB this year, after that i think its guys like Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger, maybe David Fales. I haven't seen much stuff on Blake Bottles so can't say anything about him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by skum View Post
    Bridgewater is the most NFL ready QB this year
    We still have "the most NFL ready QB" from 2011 on our roster.

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    If the read option is going to be part of their game, they better get a big guy that can take the hits. These running QB's who are slight of build like Vick, RGIII, and Ponder won't be able to stay healthy long enough to last.
    Even if Ponder starts playing better, his tendency to bail out on passing plays and run will result in a string of injuries due to his slight build.
    The Vikings have AP to run the ball. They need a QB that really can make all the throws, not just the short ones. A QB with accuracy but big enough to take shots and stay healthy.
    I feel bad for RGII. The offense he plays in gets him beat like a running back. He's going to have a short career.
    Russell Wilson and kaepernick, may be the exception as they rarely take hits.
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    Manziel will not be a bust. Despite his tendency to run, he continues to look down the field to throw. As I'm typing this, thee was another example of him doing so against Miss St--made a great throw for a first down. Take Manziel with our swiss cheese O-Line, and he can keep plays alive, ala Favre.

    Bridgewater may be the best in a QB drill, but put him under center (which he never does in Louisville) with NFL calibur rushers, and he will be a bust.

    Manziel, or that UCF kid are the only... yes ONLY... QBs I want on our team from this year's draft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Braddock View Post
    Manziel, or that UCF kid are the only... yes ONLY... QBs I want on our team from this year's draft.
    It is too bad Jameis Winston is a redshirt freshman. If he keeps playing as well as he has this season for his entire college career, he will go number one in a future draft anyway.

    What about Bryce Petty? His efficiency stats are very good. 21 passing TDs and 1 INT along with 8 rushing TDs are superb . He is 6-3 and 230 lbs.

    Johnny Manziel has some upside, but his picks and happy feet in a solid pocket are scary. His 72.5 completion percentage is too good to overlook casually.

    Note on that video that a defender shadows Manziel on every play.
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