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Thread: Joey Harrington

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    Re: Joey Harrington

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Harrington is a bad QB.
    It just so happens we have worse.
    I wouldn't have minded going for Drew Brees though, if we had him it could have been a completely different season.
    I am a bit confused about how we could be a better team with Brees, or really any other QB for that matter.

    Here is my rationale

    Our offensive line at times is either a turnstyle or a sieve.
    I am still not really sure which one.

    Our receivers are dropping passes they should catch.
    The defense seems to be able to hold on to them when BJ throws to them, so I would also have to believe our receivers should also.

    3. Penalties and stupid mistakes.
    How many times have me shot ourselves in the foot on a drive.

    I know, I know, I started this thread by mentioning how in hindsight maybe we should have gone after Harrington.
    Choosing McMahon instead sure worked out well for us.

    Minnesota, as a lot of teams do, script their opening possesion.
    They do well on that script, at least well enough to get a field goal.
    Maybe we should script all our possessions.
    Maybe Childress just gets nervous calling plays during the game and functions better with a script.

    Oh well, guess I will just continue to cheer hard and support my team, while I play the part of VP of Operations, GM, HC, OC, DC, and part owner from my couch.

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    Re: Joey Harrington

    I stand by my original position that Joey would have been a good pick up last off season.  159

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