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    Jevon Kearse....?

    OK, guys how many think that this guy( Jevon Kearse) won't even make it to halftime before getting hurt? ....didn't he come off the field twice in pain in week two.( i always liked this guy ,BUT HE IS NOT DURABLE!) I DO NOT WISH THIS GUY ANY HARM OR INJURY , BUT IF IT HELPS OUR TEAM WIN .........SO BE IT! call me what you want! did we lose to this team when we had the ball almost 15 minutes longer than them? we need to score td's when we get in the redzone!!! and don't turnover the ball!! good luck vikes!
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    Jevon Kearse....?

    I think Kearse will be alright. He sat out the final two games and is well rested. Not sure if he will be very productive as the game goes on but this is the playoffs and he is a playoff veteran. He will still be a big threat.
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    Jevon Kearse....?

    On the run DON t go there Vikes otherwise NON-factor!
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    Jevon Kearse....?

    The big knock on Kearse when the Eagles signed him was his durability.

    Seems to have made it through the season Ok to me.

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