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    Re: Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to the Vikings?

    "V" wrote:
    "Schutz" wrote:
    "V" wrote:
    "Schutz" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    [quote author=Mr. Purple link=topic=38701.msg695066#msg695066 date=1198275804]
    Not to put down T-Jack,
    but didn't Orton have a decent record as a starter for the years 2 seasons ago? They're defense (much like ours) kept them in close games and he usualy did just enough. I'm not knocking T-Jack tho, I think he has allot of potential.
    So, you are saying we should go after Orton?
    No he's saying that we should be logical in looking at how T-Jack is doing instead of just yelling about win loss totals at the top of our lungs.
    If you do that, you see that he is a decent QB who has had two horrible games, three mediocre ones, and 5 decent ones. You notice that the mistakes he makes are ones that can eventually be eliminated over time. TJ looks like a QB who needs time to develop. GASP!

    For some reason the haters don't want to admit that he has gotten better with time. If people could simply accept that, they would be willing to GIVE HIM MORE TIME.

    At what point do we stop with the "TJ played better, but not good enough." line? Clear thinking Vikings Fans wanted one thing from TJ. Better Play. They are getting it.

    In the Long Term, the footwork issues he had last week concern me a bit. He hadn't really shown such bad footwork until that game, so I'm hoping he was just a little excited, trying to make the big play.

    It will be hard to lure a guy like Pennington here. TJ will go through struggles next year too and Pennington is no mentor. I would think he'd be more likely to get frustrated a mouth off that he should be starting rather than give TJ advice. Same with McNabb. At least Bollinger knows his place.
    You get me wrong apparently, I've aid he's shown some improvement, but he's never come through in a big way yet.
    I'm just pointing out the fact that he hasn't really shown too much to go either way, but there's people out there who are yelling about look at his record, that has nothing to do with how you evaluate a QB logically.
    It was a response to your post, but not actually directed at you. IMO you are a Vikings Fan who thinks very clearly. I mean, the sig says it all.

    PS I'm probably going to need a new sig sooner than later. TWill aint cutting it.

    Either way you slice it, T-Jack is still to raw to judge.IMHO I think he'll pan out for us, I really do. After seeing the genius Childress possess in finding FA and draft talent...I'm willing to give T-Jack time.

    All I ment bye comparing him to Orton was one thing.Hes simply to young and raw to look at his record this year and proclaim, MCNABB AND MCNAIR'S LOVE CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our defense and AP are sure making it allot easier on him.So to me he needs to be a difference maker in a game or two before I buy his jersey.

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
    "I promise everyone this. When Childress is let go in two years I can honestly say this.
    "I am not surprised"."-PurplePackerEater

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    Re: Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to the Vikings?

    After reading the last 6 or 7 posts I see a trend here that is causing me to feel another soapbox moment.......... :

    Why does everyone expect TJ to be "Great".
    Hell, believe it or not, alot of teams win with good QB's that have "Great" players around them.

    Sometimes I think most on here only want players on the team that get mentioned on Sportscenter every night or have some sort of Madden rating to make thier game work better.

    gol 'darnit, TJ is a developing QB that is on a team that is developing.
    He is playing at a higher level than I expected him to play this year.
    Is that an acceptable level yet?
    Hell no, but he is getting close enough for me based on his experience and the talent level around him.

    Truth of the matter is that he might not ever develop into a "Great" QB but, gol 'darnit, if AD continues to be AD (Great) and Rice matures into what we have seen flashes of (Great), and our OL continues to improve (Great) and our Defense continues to get better (Pretty gol 'darnit close to Great now) isn't that enough for him to be just good and get us to the promise land?

    As I said in my rant on B-wade, you all need to quite measuring our players against legends and stars that you like as they aren't, nor will they ever be those guys.
    Take a long hard look at at what they are intended to do on this team instead of trying to fit them into something they are not.

    TJ is intended to hand the ball off to a great RB, behind a great line and make an occasional throw to a Reciever to get us first downs.
    He is not intended to execute a passing attack that has anything to do with a consistant diet of long bombs.

    Those days are gone my friends. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will come to love the version of the WCO that the staff (Yes the Chiller) has brought us.

    (Key note:
    Thats two rants in one morning.
    Sorry my friends.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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