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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    I find it funny that Randy received all that negative press recently. Yeah he's selfish in many regards. As a person, he may or may not be likable. But here's the bottom line: He's reliable!

    John Abraham has now screwed his team 3 times during postseason games by not playing. He's been cleared by doctors LAST WEEK, yet will not play again this week. And his reason? He doesn't want to risk his future FA contract this offseason. This is 10 times worse than leaving the field early or mooning a few sh*t talking fans.

    For all his antics, Randy still plays the game, healthy or not. He could barely walk, yet was kind enough to toast Al Harris for a TD. Like him or not, Randy plays hurt. And whether or not he practices, he will play Sunday, guaranteed.

    I think theres something to be said about that....

    Your thoughts?

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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    Gotta agree, he does things to piss me off all the time, but he can play the game (sometimes when he wants to)!
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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    I could care less about his antics, as long as he is catching TD's. Now, I do not want him to do something utterly stupid (throw a chair at a fan).But, knowing what Randy does for kids and charity, I do not have any problems with the occasional comments or fake moon.

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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    I don't care WHAT Moss does, as long as he doesn't hurt someone (unlike those THUGS in the NBA). Whether he moons someone, or does the moonwalk, or WHATEVER - bottom line is he gets the job done, and that's that...
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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    A fake moon-job is not even comparable to some of the things other athletes do on and off the field. Randy comes to play every game and when he does score, he either leaps, gives the ball to a physically handicapped kid or hands it to the ref. However, the one time he fake moons the Lambeau crowd after scoring the game winning TD is the one that gets the most press. In the words of Stewart Scott..let the players play and the haters hate, I guess.

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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    John Abraham won't be able to get on a decent team that doesn't desperately need him since he seems to have no passion for football at all.

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    A Jet Fan's Thoughts on Randy Moss

    I agree. The media needs to stop the attack on him. They pick at him for every move he makes because he doesn't pay as much attention to the media as some other players.

    Lets face it though, the media S*CKS. Did anyone else see Randy Johnson trying to apologize to the guy who's camera he shoved down? He gave an apology, but then asked the guy if he (randy johnson) asked for no interviews/pictures until a designated time. Then the jerk reporter continued to say stuff like "no you never said that, I just remember you pushing my camera man" or something to that sense. C'mon, Johnson admitted his offense and apologized, the least you could do is state that you were wrong also. To make it even worse, when they returned to the ESPN studio after that segment the ESPN guys backed up the camera man and said that Johnson did not give a good enough apology. They didn't even mention the pushy reporter out to get a story when he is not supposed to be there. What an @$$

    And THAT my friend is my rant of the day...

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