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Thread: Jesse Chatman

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    Jesse Chatman

    Don't know if anyone has started a thread about him, but I didn't see one....I apologize if there is.....anyway, I read that he was released by the chargers and the Vikes are one of three teams interested in him......I don't know much about him, except he had a couple of pretty good games subbing for Tomlinson last year.....anybody know anything about him?

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    Re: Jesse Chatman

    He must be somewhat good. He averaged 6 ypc on 30 or 40 carries last year. I think we would be wise picking him up since I dont see bennet staying healthy for the full year. Memo and Fasion are too new to really know if they can handle being a #1, and Moe is just getting too old to carry the load.

    Not saying that chatman would be a #2 or a #1 guy, just that I think we need another option.

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    Re: Jesse Chatman

    Chatham was nice for Brees an Co when LT was out. But i think the Vikes will wait until the first round of roster cuts in a few weeks before making a move like that.

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