Hey everybody. I have a large collection of Vikings jerseys and I was going to list 3 of them on ebay tonight but I thought that I would give everybody here first dibs on them. The three jerseys are as follows:

* A Randy Moss White Reebok jersey from the 2003 season. It is a replica jersey (not authentic), but it is the new reebok ones with the NFL patch at the v-neck collar, the silky panels down both sides, and it's made from heavier material than the previous jerseys. It is size XL. The jersey is too big for me, so I have never worn it. The only thing wrong with the jersey are a couple of tack marks on the shoulders from where it was hung on the wall. (They are not very noticable) ........ $40 shipped (retails for $65-75 in stores)

* I have an authentic Daunte Culpepper purple Reebok jersey from last season. The jersey is brand new with all tags still attached. The jersey was hung on a wall with a jersey hanger and has never been worn or barely touched. I still have the original receipts and everything but because it was purchased more than 30 days ago, the store will not take it back. ........... $150 shipped w/delivery confirmation (retails for $229 in stores)

* I also have an older nike purple Culpepper replica jersey. It is a size Large and has been worn quite a few times. The jersey is in fine condition except for small holes (about half an inch big) in both seams underneath the arms. ........... $15 shipped

If anybody would be interested in any of these jerseys please let me know. I am going to list them on ebay around midnight tonight if nobody here is interested. I have many pictures of them that I will e-mail to anybody who is interested. I need to sell them rather quickly, so any other offers would be considered. Thanks everybody for at least taking the time to read this. Go Vikes!! Can't wait until we get our revenge on the Cardinals tomorrow night!!