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Thread: Jerseys

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    Re: Jerseys

    Wait until the week before the draft and then the new jerseys will be relased then you could get them of nfl shop.

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    Re: Jerseys

    Any of you guys like the black "Alternate" Jersey? I have a Culpepper one (oh well), but it does look cool. I wouldn't mind seeing the Vikes wear them once this year. They look cool

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    Re: Jerseys

    weird..there used to be a custom jersey in every team's section @ shop NFL

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    Re: Jerseys

    Although, I really do want to get a few throwback jerseys for my collection. 59 - Blair is my #1, followed by 44 - Foreman.

    Bad form to follow-up your own post, I know - but I just ordered a Foreman throwback. Yeah, baby!

    I'll be wearing that one to the draft party!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Jerseys

    Here's a place I would check. It's a Vikings/Twins souvenior/memorabillia store about two blocks from the dome.

    Dome Plus

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