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    Jermaine Wiggins critical in this game

    THere was an article on VU about a move the Packers made halfway through the Christmas Eve game, which was to go to more of a cover 2 defense. This really limited the Vikes in the second half of that game. The Foreskins did the same thing...they had Sean Taylor playing over the top of Moss and had their other safety Ryan Clark over Burleson, with the corners in tighter coverage.

    Daunte Culpepper, who had thrown the ball and directed the offense with so much ease in earlier games, did not look comfortable against this defense. He's faced it before, but not as much this year as past years. Moss limited play also didn't help.

    Well since Slowik had so much success against the Vikings in the second half of the Christmas Eve game, while getting shredded before, I think it makes sense he will probably try some form of a cover 2 defense against us.

    Best way to attack that is to send a tight end deep across the middle. In cover 2 the safeties are busy covering the deep halves, that's a lot of open space in the middle of the field they will leave. If the Packers try to double Moss and Burleson, Wiggins is the most sensible target. He is capable of going on longer routes, has great hands, and is tough across the middle. I really think his role in this game should be big especially if we face a cover 2, and Daunte has got to find him a lot...if he does I think we will burn the Packers secondary all day. As soon as Slowik decides to move a safety to cover Wiggins on those routes, it frees up Moss or Burleson in single coverage, forces the corner to play further off the line.
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    Jermaine Wiggins critical in this game

    he will play key ingredient. and another set of plays come to mind. how bout the call to onterrio on that lil dump off that he scored on vs. dallas. that would be very useful, if they can get it called at the right time.

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    Jermaine Wiggins critical in this game

    We won't need the homerun if they play the cover 2, let Wiggins and the RBs just get chunks of yardage! Also, Daunte can burn them with his feet. I hope they incorporate a couple of QB draws from the shotgun set if they are showing the cover 2 d all day!

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    Jermaine Wiggins critical in this game

    I totally agree wiggins is the key to winning this game....

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