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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    Knowing Childress's absolute lack of know talent in a QB, i can see him grabbing george. Hes the last thing we need, an old, strong armed, unaacurate, QB, with the mobility Vanillia Ice

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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    "CCthebest" wrote:
    Knowing Childress's absolute lack of know talent in a QB, i can see him grabbing george. Hes the last thing we need, an old, strong armed, unaacurate, QB, with the mobility Vanillia Ice
    Still better than Tarvaris or Holcomb, IMO.

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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    Before we get all giddy over the prospects of Jeff George, remember that he played here 8 years ago and he was not young then.

    Here is a brief history for you to ponder:

    Indianapolis Colts

    What should have been a dream career with the Colts, who traded to make him the first pick in the 1990 draft and then rewarded him with the richest rookie contract in NFL history, turned ugly almost from the start. By the time it ended after four seasons with a trade to Atlanta, he had made vile gestures to the hometown fans, argued with coach Ted Marchibroda, held out for 36 days, and tried to get a trade.

    Atlanta Falcons

    After four seasons with Indianapolis, the team that drafted him as their quarterback of the future, George was shipped to the Falcons, where he enjoyed a measure of success as the ringleader of their run & shoot-themed offense. In 1995, he led the Falcons to their first playoff appearance since 1991. On September 22, 1996, in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles, George got into a heated argument on the sidelines with then-Falcons coach June Jones, all of which was caught on camera for a national television audience. Jones suspended George for the remainder of the 1996 season. After the year, Atlanta dealt George to the Oakland Raiders.

    Oakland Raiders

    George looked like a perfect fit with the Raiders, who have always loved vertical passing in the Al Davis era, and whose fans seem to embrace players who have long since worn out their welcome in other NFL cities. And George did fit in, for a while: in 1997, George tied for the NFL lead with 29 touchdown passes, compared to only 9 interceptions, plus a lofty 91.2 passer rating. The team, however, struggled to a 4-12 season. The next year, the offense had changed to head coach Jon Gruden's West Coast scheme, a controlled-pass approach, that did not suit George's strengths. George, was inconsistent at the beginning of the year, and later struggled with a groin pull, telling a local radio audience that he was finished for the year, which was news to the team. The Raiders then ended George's Oakland tenure when they signed free-agent quarterback Rich Gannon.

    Minnesota Vikings

    Next, George went to the Vikings, where he would sit behind incumbent QB Randall Cunningham, who was coming off a fantastic 1998 season. Cunningham, however, struggled at the start of the 1999 season and was benched. Out of the wings stepped George, who in 14 games put up excellent numbers (23 touchdowns, 8.6 yards per attempt, a 94.2 rating), and, more importantly, led Minnesota to the playoffs. George won his first career playoff game, throwing three touchdown passes to lead the Vikings over the Dallas Cowboys 27-10. The Vikings lost the next week to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Rams 49-37. The Vikings chose not to renew George's contract after the season, and George ended up signing a huge contract with Washington.

    Washington Redskins

    George had hopes of either returning to Minnesota as starter or signing with another team as their starting quarterback, but he waited too long to make a decision prior to the 2000 season, and as a result had to settle for being Brad Johnson's backup with the Redskins. Johnson went down in week 9; George replaced him, and went 1-2 in the next three games, though one of the losses came down to a missed Redskins field goal attempt. Johnson returned, but played poorly against the New York Giants. George replaced him, and led the Redskins back into the game, but again a missed field goal attempt cost the Redskins a chance to win. George started two games, both losses, after Turner was fired in favor of interim coach Terry Robiskie. After the season, Johnson departed Washington for Tampa Bay, leaving George as the Redskins' starter going into 2001.

    Before the 2001 season, Washington hired Marty Schottenheimer as head coach, and Schottenheimer promised to install a West-Coast scheme similar to that of Jon Gruden in Oakland. George clashed with Schottenheimer over the offense, though Schottenheimer promised to work George through any problems he might have with the scheme. That uneasy agreement lasted exactly 2 weeks into the regular season, when Washington released George on the heels of a 37-0 Monday Night loss to the Green Bay Packers. After the game, George had a 34.6 passer rating, ranking last in the NFL, and the 'Skins were 0-2, having been outscored by opponents 67-3. The Redskins continued to struggle offensively through 2001. The team finished 29th (out of 31) in scoring [1], and 31st in passing yards per game [2].

    Seattle Seahawks

    George seemingly retired after his last game in Washington, but he proceeded to make several sideline appearances in the following years. He signed briefly with the Seattle Seahawks in late 2002 as an emergency quarterback but never saw any playing time.

    Chicago Bears

    In 2004, after two years away from the game, the Chicago Bears became the seventh NFL team to employ George, signing him to a one-year contract in November for a partial season backup role; but again he never took the field during a game, and he wasn't retained by the Bears for the 2005 season, and was not signed to an active roster by any team. The Detroit Lions worked him out during their bye week in the event they needed another quarterback. However, George was not offered a contract.

    Back with the Oakland Raiders

    On August 28, 2006, the Oakland Raiders signed George. He was expected to compete for the third-string quarterback position. However, he was released by Oakland just five days later, on September 2, 2006.[3]

    While George has spent time on active NFL rosters the past several years, he has not attempted a pass since the 2001 season with the Washington Redskins. It was speculated that he might have replaced 3rd string quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo due to his friendship with Randy Moss. Moss has previously stated that George was his favorite of all the quarterbacks he's worked with. He has also commented in the past that he and George would take weekend fishing trips together when they both lived in Minnesota.


    On October 30, 2007 during Mike and Mike in the Morning, Michael Kim in a SportsCenter update reported that George was interested in making another comeback, this time with the Minnesota Vikings, a team where he once had some success.

    I especially like the bold part that shows what he did the last time he was in a WCO. Is that really a step up from what we have? And for those who also want us to hire Marty, well, we may not want to get them both

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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    I honestly like the
    idea. He is a veteran that can teach Taravis some vital qb skills and i do believe he can still perform OK. We won't be losing anything IMO because our qb spot is pretty shady right now. Give the old fart a chance lol.

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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    Forget my last post, jeff owns

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    Re: Jeff George seeks comeback with Minnesota Vikings

    Certainly would pick him up at this point....but start him??? I think Bollinger deserves a chance to start and should not lose the opportunity to perform after this past Sunday. I happen to like the idea of rewarding "Performance" with starting in positions instead of yielding to his Elder in George.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Jeff George's IQ

    Did anybody know Jeff George scored a 10 on the Wonderlic?

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    Re: Jeff George's IQ

    idk if this warrants its own topic, but neato

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Jeff George's IQ

    Is that bad or good?....It's bad right?

    Jeff George went to Illinois that is why I like him...he was the #1 pick in the draft.

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    Re: Jeff George's IQ

    20 is considered average intelligence, he got fired from the redskins because he was too dumb to learn their system

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