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Thread: Jason Gilden

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    Jason Gilden

    Free Agent Jason Gilden/Gildon sp? signed with The Buffalo Bills today according to the AP wire.

    Many Packers fans were split if he would bring an improved pass rush or just be like the other recent Free Agents they have been burned by ala Hardy Nickerson and Joe Johnson.

    I am unsure too but, now I'll never know.
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    Jason Gilden

    gildon wouldn't have been that good for you guys anyway. it's hard for a 3-4 linebacker to change to a 4-3 backer. i don't think he would have made an impact in green bay. which is why i hoped you'd get!
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    Jason Gilden

    Im from pittsburgh and i watch the steelers alot. Trust me Gildon is done, he has lost alot. You should be happy.

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