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Good stuff my friend, as always....

To me, JA is a bit off, more than 75/25. Make it 60/40. To increase that, I would start to limit his reps giving more to Griff.

That would help in two areas.....1. Lets you see how Griff produces under extra workload. 2. Makes JA fresh because of less workload.

And I agree on the JA contract stuff. Thats why I've been a proponent of trading him (shitcanning as Singer says) before that even comes about.

Again, what impact would it have had so far without him on the team? Loss of leadership? Seems Greenway is taking over that role. Sacks? Again, coming from other places now. Double teams? Not happening as much as most on here contend. Truth is, it isn't happening much at all.

Truth is, trading him would be kind of a wake up call for the rest of the team and would make next years draft very interesting.
good stuff my friend. I would also like to trade Allen ( I love the guy but we need the draft picks and Griff may be able to step in for him), we won't be able to sign him after next year so trade him defore the draft and get some picks. And Jared Allen is a different animal than most RDEs, he gets his sacks from hustle and technique. He isn't going to blow by anyone, we need to draft a blazer that can put real pressure on a QB even if he makes the QB move his feet. A Qb can get into rythym if you just let him make his drops and deliver the ball, disrupt that and his accuracy goes down tremendously.