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    Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    There are two lines of argument disappointed Kansas City Chiefs fans or Minnesota Vikings haters fall back on when trying to dismiss the impact defensive end Jared Allen will have this season.

    Leaving aside the off-field issues Allen has had in the past with alcohol, which are most frequently mentioned by his detractors, let’s focus on the second.

    Allen led the NFL in 2007 with 15.5 sacks despite missing the first two games of the season. However, as many have subsequently noted, most of those sacks (12.5) came in the first half of games, and some have alleged that Allen tended to disappear in the fourth quarter and was nowhere to be found with the game on the line.

    But is that a fair criticism? Let’s break down the numbers so you can decide for yourself...
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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Good read, thanks Cojo.

    I'll be happy if he repeats those same numbers this year, even if they come in the same sequence. It's a whole lot better than what we had the past few years.
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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Dr.Z's SI article touched on exactly that issue...he says that KC played him pretty much every single down of defense, and then quotes Childress saying

    We're more of a wave rushing team...we may dress 8 DL on Sundays, and we'll play every one of them.
    He goes on to talk about having a guy like Robison behind Allen, and the fact that he will see his reps too.
    Then, in the latest Frazier interview on KFAN he talks about Robison getting worn out last year as we had to call on him to play more than intended.
    Apparently, he is our pass rush specialist, but due to injuries last year we needed him to play every down, and now, with Allen in front of him, he can go back to doing what he does best, which should keep both of them fresh vs. tired OL late in games (who don't get a break.)

    Then, add in that Sophmore breakout article, and I am pretty stoked about Robison's chances to get double digit sacks too!!
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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Who cares when he gets his sacks.
    I think it's a misconception that things you do in the 4th quarter are somehow more important to a win than what you do in the 1st quarter.

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Another major thing is that he was playing for the CHIEFS! This team was trailing for the large majority of second halves ALL SEASON LONG. The opposing team was not running pass plays that took time to develop.
    Many of the opposing teams were running the ball to burn clock ... and when passing where using three step drops and easy quick passes to stay in bounds, run the clock and keep field position in their favor. Sacks were MUCH more difficult to come by.

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    I guess we are doomed after all.

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Number one who is Jaren Allen? 8)

    IT would be STUPID to blow all that money on him and dont use him for all three downs.

    i love robison and all but when allen is tired is when he comes out.. forget a rotation

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    In KC, Allen faced double or triple teams every down.
    Fighting through them will wear any player, regardless of conditioning, down eventually.
    What do they want?
    For Allen to take it easy the first half and save energy for the second half in hopes to get the sacks then?

    This year Allen, KW, and PW all draw double teams and can reek havoc if 1 on 1.
    So some dog is going to eat QB/RB in the backfield.
    If Edwards can step it up and become a factor then who knows how many tackles for loss the Vikes will have.

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    Who's Jaren Allen?

    Edit: SharperImage beat me to it.

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    Re: Jaren Allen By The Numbers

    when you are the anchor, and the identity of a front line, playing in an every down situation.. you will get tired..

    besides this, can you imagin. a player is dominating your Oline, causing the O to not be able to do it's job. What's the solution.. put more men there. so he battles in a dbl team.. gets through, and then has to rebattle a rb/te who just pauses him enouf for one of the dbl team to come back.
    i'm not suprised he gets tired, any1 would.

    now, lets put it in the perspective that he will be in this year.

    1. there will be no rb/te help.. why.. cause they will be needed to help dbl team KW or phatPat..
    2. BRob will be spelling him here and there to keep those legs fresh
    3. KC is a great place.. but inside the Dome.. esp when our D is on the field.. that noise creates an energy that just raises the blood pump of any1 in there.. esp the players.
    4. watch as the pocket collapses cause the Oline is getting tired holding back Kwill/phatPat.. qb's will run to a side.. wht happens when you see your target run to you?

    so.. i'm not worried about his all game ability.. esp.. since we are in a very very good run stopping team. I really don't see O's being able to chew a lot of clock time and hold the D on the field. this will be 1 HUGE difference betweent he Vikes and the Chiefs.


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