vikinggreg wrote:
singersp wrote:
Prophet wrote:
If someone disrespects your lady and you beat him within inches of his life he deserves it. It is that simple.
Even if "your lady" is Paris Hilton or Rosie O'donell?
Well that is a liberal use of "lady" but you did put that in quotation marks. How do you disrepect Paris Hilton that she hasn't already done to herself (wasn't she with Brian Urlacher), and well for Rosie, she hangs with the gals and would be the one doing the pummeling (and I don't think she'd stop short to let someone live)

Just the thought of Rosie and "your lady" is going to make me drink beer heavily to kill those pesky brain cells that holding that vision now.
It doesn't matter who the lady is to anyone else. As long as she is consider your lady, anyone who does anything to her deserves a beat down.