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    As a fan I want to go on record saying Jared Allen has been worth every penny. I realize he will be gone after this season, but he has been one of the Viking greats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottishvike View Post
    Although I could see why it made sense to let him go I'm glad he's staying. The one handed sack last week was one of the few highlights of the year for me. I'm sure all the people who bought the new jerseys with 69 on them are glad to get a couple more months out of them too.
    I think he had a grasp from both sides around the defender and Elie looked like carrot on a stick as the others closed in. Loved it and yes maybe the only thing worth remembering this year.
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

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    "Proud to still be a Viking. I watched all the trade stuff like everyone else. It is a part of this business. 100% committed to turning this season around," he wrote in the text.
    Well, for Allen ... yes. His personal play will equate to the size of his check next season. What else would anyone expect him to say?

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