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    Re: Jared Allen - Separated at birth?

    I thought it was interesting, when I read an article about 5 years ago in SI, about offensive linemen. Some of the info. in that article:

    - Offensive linemen usually are much more intelligent than the D-linemen (or, at least, that is what the Off. linemen think).

    - Offensive linemen have to memorize far more and work much more in tandem than D-linemen, who just have to "create havoc" and "crash the line"

    - O-linemen call D-linemen "clerks", because they are so replaceable and just get plugged in and out (while the O-line works as a team on every play)

    - In a game, if there are 100 plays, and the O-lineman blows one block and his QB gets nailed, he had a bad day. In contrast, if a DE or DT plays 100 plays, and gets to the QB once out of those 100, he had a good day.

    Very, very different positions.

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    Re: Jared Allen - Separated at birth?

    ...Or maybe Frank Zappa?

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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