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    Re: Jared Allen is overpaid and overrated!!!

    "Vikes_King" wrote:
    "Redrouster" wrote:
    "oldschoolmikey" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    "oldschoolmikey" wrote:
    [quote author=C Mac D link=topic=48323.msg897166#msg897166 date=1231957493]
    [quote author=oldschoolmikey link=topic=48323.msg897162#msg897162 date=1231957337]
    Well, I stick with my original post.
    If the Vikings didn't dump all of their draft picks and all of their money on one player maybe they would have been able to get past the first round of the playoffs.

    As great as it may seem to have a guy that gets pressure on a qb and gets a sack every other game or so.
    How much more valuable would a qb be that could convert 3rd downs, or a receiver that could actually get open once in a while?
    (The vikings already had a top 10 defense without Allen by the way.)

    Fans like Allen because he is entertaining and has an outgoing personality, and occasionally gets a sack.
    But, this team would have been better off with their draft picks the money to spend on multiple players, especially on offense.
    No. You're wrong.

    His play on the field is one thing, but the swagger he brings to the defense is something that can't be quantified.

    Plus, being #5 in sacks isn't too shabby.

    Go back in your hole.
    The highest paid defensive player in the NFL and he was only #5 in sacks.
    Yea, he's not overpaid at all. :
    The year before he was #1 in sacks...

    Only him and Demarcus Ware were in the top 5 last year and this year...

    Say what you will, but you only succeed in showing your own ignorance.

    (he's still leads in Playoff sacks for the 2008 season, btw...)
    The year before he played for the Chiefs, so who cares?
    He leads the 2008 playoffs in sacks!
    That still equals a big fat loss.
    How many sacks did he get in 2007 vs 2008?

    15.5 in 2007, 14.5 in 2008 (and two safeties)

    He only played 14 games in 2007.
    His individual numbers were better in 2007, but his overall impact on our team in 2008 was awesome.
    He has earned his money.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Jared Allen is overpaid and overrated!!!

    In the P.J.'s, my blend tape plays, bullets are strays
    Young bitches is grazed
    Each block, is like a maze, full of black rats trapped
    Plus the Island is packed
    From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back, black

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