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"I don't feel any pressure on that," he said. "I just want to go out there and get better and improve. Just go out there and have fun and win the football game. We'll let next year take care of next year."
I think that T-Jack is a smart young man and has a good perspective on his life and his football career.
He is not a prima-donna and he isn't saying things that are unrealistic he just wants to get better (not hard after the last game) and he wants a chance to play.

It would be great to see him develop into a top flight QB and lead the Vikes for years to come, he has the arm and he seems to have the drive that it would take.
I think he's doesn't have anything to be a prima donna about right now, so it's easy to be humble.
Let's check back in a few years if he has some success as the QB.

Daunte was once a nice, humble kid from Florida, too.


You know he is also a rookie, and that he is IS still learning. Besides he does seem like a smart man. I think if he had the recivers he could be the next Daunte.
Smart, how do you know?

I hope he is not the next Daunte.