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    Re: Jackson confident in his abilities

    Quote Originally Posted by "singersp" #1100156
    Quote Originally Posted by "Purple Floyd" #1100151
    Purple Floyd wrote:
    Interesting nuggets there Marty. One dealing with Bevell who basically had his career derailed by Jackson

    Quote Originally Posted by "singersp" #1100021

    LMAO! One on the biggest false statements borne out of hate for TJ ever to hit PP.O.
    Seriously? Well, considering the source I'll take that as a good thing lol.

    WTF are you basing that on?
    I am basing it on the 5 years that he had to spend trying to figure out how to make that QB succeed in that offense.

    Bevell's career was derailed by Bevell, not Jackson.
    Why, was it it bevell who got handed a roster spot he didn't deserve for those 5 years and was it bevell who came up lame every time the job was handed to him on a silver platter?

    If anyone contributed to it would have been Childress, who had control over Bevell, what plays were called & what kind of offense to run. Keep in mind in GB, Bevell was nothing more than a QB coach, where Favre did his own thing.
    Yeah, Childress was the guy pulling the strings, but Jackson was the puppet who failed to come through every time he was given a chance to capitalize on the position that was handed to him.

    I believe Bevell wasn't even doing much of the play calling in 2007 when TJ started the majority of his games. Childress was.
    He was still the OC and TJ was still the QB and that is on his resume.That is not something that is going to be easy to shake and it sure isn't going to land you a plum job.

    Jackson wasn't even the starter for the majority of the past three years, Favre & Ferotte were, yet you want to blame much of Bevell's derailing on Jackson.
    Yep. Because Frerotte bailed Bevell out with his play that took the team from 0-2 to a playoff team and Brett was on the team that got to the NFCCG and actually won a playoff game which is the only time in Bevells career that was done.

    Did you forget we were 8-4 when Jackson started in 2007? That's far from "failing every time" or "coming up lame every time".

    Bevell didn't spend 5 years trying to make TJ succeed in that offense. What specifically do you think he did special just for him? Examples?

    Bevell was there 5 years. Again, Johnson started Bevell's 1st year & Favre started the last two. So how does that equate to Bevell spending years trying to make Jackson succeed at a position he wasn't even starting at?

    I'll give you that Jackson didn't earn the starting QB in 2007, but to sit there and try to sell that he was given a roster spot he didn't deserve for the 5 years he was there is laughable!

    He was 8-4 his first year starting going in to the 2008 season. What did he need to be to satisfy you? 10-2? 12-0?

    So lets see, you want us to believe he didn't deserve a rookie back up QB job in 2006?

    He didn't deserve a back up job in 2009 & 2010, despite beating out Sage in both those years?

    Frerotte's record in 2008 was 8-3, thanks to Jackson bailing him out in the Lions game giving Frerotte the 8th win. Not much different than Jackson's 8-4 record a year prior, but yeah, those two records are worlds apart (rolls eyes) and 8-3 you consider a "bail out" but 8-4 you do not.

    Incidentally, in case you had forgotten, we would have never made the playoffs if not for Jackson bailing out Frerotte & winning the Lions game & then beating the Cardinals & Giants.

    Brett was on the team that went to the NFCCG. How much of that do you actually credit Bevell for & how much do you credit Favre defying Childress & Bevell for?

    How about 2010. You seem to have ignored that completely. Is Bevell void from blame or get a free pass? Remember, Favre was still our starting QB & Bevell was still our OC. That tandem was 5-8 & would have been 4-9 had not Jackson bailed out Favre & won the game he was knocked out of.

    Our only sub .500 seasons under Bevell as OC were when Johnson & Favre were starters yet you want to solely blame Jackson for Bevell's downfall.



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    Re: Jackson confident in his abilities

    Quote Originally Posted by V4L" #1100162][quote="singersp


    You're not doing it right.

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    Re: Jackson confident in his abilities

    I partly agree with Singer....Jackson isn't what brought down Bevell, Bevell was.

    Anyone who paid attention realized early on that Chiller wanted to run his own show. He didn't want a strong, established OC, he wanted a "Yes" man. Chiller had coached Bevell back in his UW days, and knew that Bevell wouldn't buck him in exchange for the unwarranted promotion.

    When Chiller's KAO failed to manifest as a KAO, Chiller started to hand off play calling to Bevell. I suspected then, as I do now, that Chiller was doing that to create a fire-able gap between him and the unemployment process if Zygi ever got impatient.

    But, in the end it didn't save Chiller.

    All Bevell ever did WRONG was hitch his wagon to Chiller.

    Jackson was part of what brought Chiller down - because Chiller kept trying to make him into a viable starter despite fairly conclusive evidence that he wasn't. This wasn't on Bevell, however, as Bevell had to make due with whatever Chiller put on the field.

    In the end, I don't see Bevell as a great OC. Much like I don't see Jackson as a starting caliber QB. Or Chiller as a good HC.

    But Jackson had little to do with Bevell's success/failure in actuality. Bevell was far more adversely affected by being under Childress.


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    Re: Jackson confident in his abilities

    Lets put it this way. There's a reason Bevell's employed and Childress isn't

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