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Thread: Jack Buck

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    Re: Jack Buck

    And here in Cryboy land they take pride in it.

    They say he never pushed off, and if he did and it wasn't called, oh well.

    Cryboy fans are a strange breed.

    They even made fun of his name.
    I live with that crap to this day.
    They live to bring it up to me.

    "Hey we won by cheating"

    Now that is a great breed of fans...................geez

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    Re: Jack Buck

    [/quote]i saw that game too..that had to be the worst call of all B.S., that ref deserved to get hit in da head with a bottle..just wish I threw it ![/quote]

    Yeah, I saw it too...very sad day. I thought that was the best Viking team of all time...and no doubt Pearson pushed off on Wright. I get sick every time I see it.
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    Re: Jack Buck

    That was definately offense pass interference on the Cowgirls.
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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    Re: Jack Buck

    I'm not sure, did they have offensive pass interference back then?

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    Re: Jack Buck

    Only complete idiots throw things on the field!!!It makes the fans and the team look horrible.
    You republican whore!

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