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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    [quote author=i_bleed_purple link=topic=52561.msg976559#msg976559 date=1248962689]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=52561.msg976556#msg976556 date=1248962403]
    [quote author=i_bleed_purple link=topic=52561.msg976553#msg976553 date=1248962205]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=52561.msg976549#msg976549 date=1248961989]
    [quote author=i_bleed_purple link=topic=52561.msg976544#msg976544 date=1248961824]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=52561.msg976534#msg976534 date=1248961536]
    [quote author=i_bleed_purple link=topic=52561.msg976528#msg976528 date=1248961427]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=52561.msg976495#msg976495 date=1248959549]
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    I would say, officially... no.
    He's not.
    However, if they had a guy they want talking to the press on the team, it would probably be Allen.
    he's got a great personality, he's a hilarious dude, can give a bit of insight on the team without saying dumb stuff (Edwards).

    Seems Berrian is on the NFLN quite a bit too.
    He guest hosted sure, but so did JA.
    who was the second person on the phone on the NFLN when Fave made his announcement?
    I've seen him interviewed on NFLN quite a few times.

    Lets put it this way, when the nFLN is looking for someone to interview, I'm betting the top candidates include Allen, Peterson and Berrian.
    No other defensive players really stand out to me as an outspoken guy, and they'll interview TJ when they're looking for details at the QB situation.
    But you are missing the point.....

    If my assumption is correct, it doesn't matter who/what the NFLN/Media are looking for.
    If the PR Dept is called, they will run out the guy they have tapped.
    In this instance I believe that is JA.

    As to AD.
    Face of the frachise for sure, but he sure isn't gonna go out and make any speeches/interviews My Sexy Little Pixie.

    no, I agree with that.
    But if the NFLN is targeting players (not the PR dept), those are the three they'll probably pick.
    They like Allen, Berrian is on enough taht they seem to like him, and they'll want to hear what Peterson has to say.
    But yes, I think Allen would be the PR's choice.
    Again, if my assumption is correct (Vikes PR controls who talks) it doesn't matter who they target.
    If they don't want the press to talk/interview them they won't allow it.

    probably correct, but like I said, if they target a player, thats probably who they pick.

    If the NFLN calls up the Vikings and says "Hey, I want to talk interview someone about how TC went, can we contact Peterson?"
    They'll probably say fine.
    I'm sure they don't always say "I wanna talk to you guys, who's available?"
    They ahve the ability to request certain players and I'm sure they do.
    Could be, however, I believe it kindof goes the other way with organizations that try to control the media.
    I think they would say, no, but we can make JA available.

    So you really think they'd say "No, you can't talk to Peterson."?

    They would probably say "well, I don't know, but Allen should be available", but if they have their mind set on Peterson, or want more than one opinion, I don't see why they'd decline.
    He's a young superstar in the league, doesn't say dumb stuff in the media, and people will pay attention.
    He doesn't have the same "it" factor to him that Allen has in the media, but he is sought after at times.

    No, I am not saying they wouldn't make him available.
    What I am saying (an assumption) is that I believe the Vikes are trying to spin thier message and they have selected who will spin that.

    When ever possible they will run thier spokesman out there.

    Think about it. The guy has to be a top talent in the league (check), he has to be articulate (check), he has to be a character (check) but most importantly, he has to be a guy they can coach into saying what they want said (no check yet).

    My assumption is that JA is that guy based on how many times he has been on the tube/airwaves of late.

    i agree with that.
    If the vikings have a say, they'll want Allen, but thats not always who the media wants.
    If they want to ask Winfield about his new contract, they're not goign to talk to Allen, they'll want to talk to Winfield.
    If they want to ask someone about how Load and Harvin do in TC, they won't ask Allen, they'll probably want a guy who would know better, like TJ, Berrian or Peterson.
    If they target a specific guy they want to talk to, often it will be Allen, but also probably Berrian or Peterson.
    If they just want someone, the Vikes will recommend Allen.

    i'm not saying what you think is wrong, I think the same thing, but there's two parts to this one.
    I hear ya, however, do you believe the organization restricts access or not?
    I think they do.
    If I am correct then they wouldn't be allowed to talk to the players you just mentioned if the FO pukes didn't want them to.

    It would then fall to the press to contact the agent and get info via that path.

    Yes, I think they do, but not for the sole sake of being donkey butts.

    If the media wants to interview Peterson, I don't see why they'd disallow it.

    However, if they want to interview Winfield or Edwards about something other than jsut winfields contract, They'll probably say no, since they have been very outspoken, and not in a good way.

    Peterson doesn't say dumb things, he gives a good insight into whats happening, and is the face of the franchise.
    There's no reason to disallow them from talking to him [size=10pt](depending of course on the subject)[/size]

    And if the subject is touchy and the guy (lets say AD) might get tripped up by the sneaky low down media asking tricky questions, who would they run out?

    hence why I said depending on the subject.

    If they're doing a "State of the Franchise" and they want to get players opinions about how the offense is clicking with the rookies, Allen can say what he sees, but he's not in the huddles, he doesn't know really.

    If they're talking about the fallout from the Favre incident, then yes, maybe Allen would be the better chance.
    [size=10pt]All they have to tell Peterson is "Don't talk about Favre"[/size][/quote]

    You know how tricky those gol 'darnit sports hacks can me though.
    All they need to do is trip him up and then they can spin it anyway they want.


    same could be said for any player though.
    Allen said he would have liked Favre.. that can be twisted many ways.
    All it takes is an indirect quote, saying '..... And in an interview, Allen mentioned would prefer Favre"
    Was JAs opinion his or the FO pukes?

    Probably both.
    Having played defense before, I know how frustrating it is when you make a good stop and theO goes 3 and out or makes a turnover.
    The cause of that stems from the QB.
    I wouldn't be surprised if deep down on the inside, he's sick of the TJ experiment, but won't say anything about it.
    I know Pat is. (but he will say something)
    Comeon, thats a typical media spin type comment. So should the offensive guys throw the D under the bus when they allow a opening drive TD after halftime?

    Anyway, back on topic.
    If that is infact the case, probably why we don't see Phat Pat being tapped to give interviews?


    yes, but our D doesn't give up leads as often as our O fails to make something of a good stand.
    [size=10pt]You don't see Winfield or Pat in interviews very often for that reason.
    They've both publicly called out the O before, and I'm sure the Vikigns don't want them saying something bold in an interview.

    Remember, TJ almost fought Pat during a game.
    Its far more believable to think that one of our defenders would call out the offense vs. the other way around.

    See, your making my point for me.

    Still what I'm saying as well, The media wants Peterson, no reason not to give them taht.
    Media wants Winfield, they'll be more cautious allowing it.
    Media doesn't target Winfield often though.

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    "Prophet" wrote:
    JA would make a good spokesperson because he is not politically correct, is an asshole and he doesn't care that hs is one.
    He talks big and backs himself up.
    People like him are the reason that many like to watch the game.
    He's a spokesman after PP.O's own head. An asshole just like us.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    JA the best trade we've done for a LONG time

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    "V4L" wrote:
    JA the best trade we've done for a LONG time
    Not a trade but getting Hutch when they did might have been an even better move, since then guys with half the talent are getting just as much or money.

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "V4L" wrote:
    JA the best trade we've done for a LONG time
    Not a trade but getting Hutch when they did might have been an even better move, since then guys with half the talent are getting just as much or money.

    I agree with that

    We have been getting some nice talent!

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "V4L" wrote:
    JA the best trade we've done for a LONG time
    Not a trade but getting Hutch when they did might have been an even better move, since then guys with half the talent are getting just as much or money.
    That was my favorite offseason move in recent memory.
    Brzezinski proved that his mind is on another level than the other asshats competing with him for someone.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    Just don't let him sing karaoke in Idaho..

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    Re: JA - Spokesman for the team?

    I would like to say no. Fact is he is the only one that wants to be vocal, kind of like Chad Ocho Cinco, so the answer is yes.
    JA is not all about himself when he talks which is a good thing, he does think about the team when he talks.

    The only reason he talks so much is because he is a clown (in a good way).
    He also has a good marketing agent.
    Part of being visible on TV and media outlets is getting you digits out there so you can e contacted.

    He is more colorful than Hutch.
    AD doesn't seem too outspoken, very mild mannered.

    Allen is definitely an interesting guy and with his play on the field, he has to be a team leader.
    He does a good job talking the team line, but I am afraid that he could just as easily get off the company line if he was pissed about something.

    I would love to have a QB that was our leader, the QB is going to have to earn that leadership with play.

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