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Thread: It's time

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    It's time

    Well for the first time in a long time I let the defensive attitude down. And I gotta tell you guys it was great. Not that our attitdue effects the games at all but it sure makes the victories feel so much better.

    I know some of you must be thinking great we beat the Pack and now we have to face the Eagles. And are counting us out. All I can say is wow, I feel for ya.

    A few things we saw yesterday that are what I like to call the intangibles. Smash mouth football. It was there and honestly it has been a long long time since we saw that style of play. There was a feel in the game of urgency and eagerness to put on a hit. I watched the game and saw some hitting guys/gals actual helmet in the numbers not today hitting going on. And simply making the play. Catching the easy interceptions and such.

    That's all we need. I see this game as a great game that can pull our team even closer. Like I said last week when the team overcomes something like this it is a great benifit to us. All season Tice has been putting it on the players and that can only create seperation. This week he put it on the team and they came together as a unit and played a dang good game.

    So the Eagles. I have watched them play a bit and no one knows them like their fans but from what I see they have that smash mouth style. We all know the D is amazing. Their D cord is a genius he will have no problem causeing Moss grief. And the o-line will have it's hand full with that serious pass rush.

    But that's where the insights end and the fan takes over. We will win this game. The heart on this team just started beating again and anyone in our way better watch out. Sometimes when you have been in the dark for a very long time a little light is all you need to get that blood flowing again and I'd say we got that on Sunday.

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    It's time

    yea, i think the vikes are liking this underdog role.
    thats allright keep telling them they cant do it.
    they will come out swinging again!!!!

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