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    Re: It's never been this bad!!

    "CCthebest" wrote:
    I cant remember a time when we have had back to back seasons with so few wins, and LITTLE to no improvements being made in known problem areas.

    And please god, no one say TJ is showing signs of improvement or the passing game is, or the D is finally learning how to cover. Griffin couldnt cover a 90 year old crippled woman for an entire game. I could have completed the passes TJ made WITHOUT throwing the int in the endzone. Dont kid yourselves, we are the team who got shut out by the packers. Also a young team but with a real HC and Qb.
    No you couldn't. Tjack while not a good NFL QB yet, is still much much better than you. It doesn't look that hard but I have to believe it is.

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    Re: It's never been this bad!!

    The 00-01 season were bad. But after the 01 season i was alot more hopefull for the vikes then i bet i will be after this season.

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    Re: It's never been this bad!!

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    Never been this bad?
    I don't even have to think for a second to think of many worse seasons.
    The 41-0 stomping in the meadowlands during the playoffs was far worse.
    The loss to the cardinals to let the Packers win the division was worse.
    The loss to the Falcons in the NFC Championship was worse.
    The noncall in Dallas.
    There are so many times that it has been worse when there was a team on the field that had the potential to do it all and then fell short.

    I still find it surprising that people are surprised when a green qb is playing inconsistently after a handful of starts.
    The o-line is coming along fine, almost fun to watch when it comes to the running game.
    Purple jesus and Chaplain Chester are tearing up the field.
    That 34-0 loss to the Packers was no better than at least half of the losses you mentioned. The drubbing we took at the hands of the Rams in '99 was right up there too.
    There is no doubt that the drubbing from the Packers was painful.

    All of my examples were from years where the Vikings were contenders.
    To me, a drubbing when the team is in the heat of it is much more painful than a regular season loss when the team is playing sporadically.
    Yes - but this loss was to the PACKERS, dude!
    I think people here are more upset by getting shallacked by the PACKERS more than just getting stomped.


    Having lived in Wisconsin for 5 years and having a wife from there there is no loss more painful than one the in-laws will relive at your expense through the whole holiday visit. ;D

    I'll be drinking hard this year lol

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