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    Isn't it funny what a few changes will do......

    That was probably the best the defense has looked all year except the
    the first game at Green Bay. I've been saying now as some of you have
    to play the young guys on defense especially at lb. Look at the re-
    sults. Rogers causes a fumble on the first series; Nattiel had a
    great game...bringing the blitz off the edge and then returns a int.
    for a td. We showed some stuff especially the blitz that I don't
    think the seahawks expected. I'll keep saying it; we've got to keep
    playing the young lb's.
    Offensively, sound gameplan. We've got to run the rock in order to
    be successful period. Everything we do on offense feeds off our run
    ning game.
    Gameball to Eddie Johnson. He's our answer on fourth downs. First,
    he get's the call on running into the punter; nice acting job. Second
    he gets the first down on a fourth and fifteen; of course it wasn't
    a planned fake; but he showed some speed. Third, he had a couple of
    punts that pinned them deep in their own territory.
    Just a well played game by everyone.

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    Isn't it funny what a few changes will do......

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