The Vikes have had solid o-lines for at least the past 15 years......The Vikes look like they are reverting back 20 years when they had a decent defense a star Qb in his prime (Tommy Kramer), running back by committee, a no-name receiving corp, and a very suspect offensive line. The later is probably the greatest concern.

Hopefully in the near future, Daunte will learn that punting, not turning the football over, and etting your defense keep you in the game until the 4th quarter is Ok. Daunte will need to adapt to pulling close ones out in the 4th - something the offense oriented teams of this decade have not had to endure. How many times has Daunte pulled off a 4th quarter comeback?

If the Vikings lose today, Tice will need to realize that the personel in the interior of the line needs to be addressed.